Author: Indictments only way to stop Schiff from weaponizing intel

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — Information from the intelligence community, leaked to the media by members of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s staff, has turned spy agencies into a “political weapon” against President Trump, according to a conservative investigative journalist.

The only way to stop this cycle, which stretches back to the Russia collusion controversy, is for there to be indictments, said Lee Smith, the author of The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.

He expressed confidence in Attorney General William Barr as well as U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a review of the Russia investigation, but told radio host Larry O’Connor last week that the reality is Schiff and the gang are always “two steps ahead” of the rest.

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