Beijing Biden and his wannabe running mate

By Curtis Ellis

Make no mistake – the 2020 presidential sweepstakes are underway.

You may think the pandemic has frozen the race, but Democrats are exploiting the pandemic to boost their chances in November.

Rather than pull the country together, they try to fan hysteria, sow division and promote distrust of President Trump’s leadership.

It’s an incontrovertible fact the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for the pandemic that has shut down our way of life. The CCP covered up the initial outbreak, misled the world by hiding crucial information and hoarded supplies needed to respond to the plague.

But Democrats and their allies in the corporate media insist on blaming President Trump rather than the man in charge of China, General Secretary Xi.

And just as Democrats see the pandemic as another opportunity to dump on Trump, they see it as another opportunity to promote their agenda of identity politics and corporate-government control.

Congressional Democrats held desperate American families and small businesses hostage, ransoming them off for cash to fund pet projects.

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn, D, S.C., saw the pandemic emergency bill as “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

We now have a clearer picture of what that vision is:

  • Rule by unelected technocrats and “emergency declarations” that cannot be questioned.
  • Central control of the economy by government and the nomenklatura of giant corporations and money center banks deemed politically reliable by (Democratic) party commissars.
  • A population dependent on welfare-state services, income support and food with the AOC types controlling who gets the ration box and what’s in it.
  • A China policy of appeasement, sold under the rubric of “global cooperation.” This is what crippled our industries in the first place and made America dependent on China.

Democrats lack the honesty or focus to explicitly enunciate these policy prescriptions, but the presumptive candidate has disavowed none of them.

What little drama remains in the Democratic race is who Sleepy Joe Biden will choose as his running mate.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is running hard for the position.

She certainly meets all the criteria to be a standard bearer for the Democratic Party, version 2020.

Whitmer puts attacking President Trump ahead of the job she was elected to do. When the president touted hydroxychloroquine, a widely available drug that shows promise in treating the CCP virus, she threatened action against any Michigan doctor who prescribed it to patients. So much for the pro-abortion talking point “the government shouldn’t come between a patient and her doctor.”

Whitmer opposes American energy whatever the cost, an odd position for governor of a state synonymous with automobiles, machines that run on – wait for it – fossil fuels. Whitmer wants to shut down pipelines that carry energy to homes, office and industries in Michigan. She genuflects at the altar of the Green New Deal, which promises to destroy thousands of good-paying jobs across the state in and beyond the automotive industry.

But Whitmer’s greatest qualification, the necessary if not sufficient condition for her to cinch a place on the ticket, is this: She is firmly in the pocket of pro-China billionaires.

Wall Street bigwigs Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer pumped millions in secret dark money to elect Whitmer governor.

These two billionaires made their fortunes in China kowtowing to Beijing’s Red mandarins. Now they spend it buying American politicians and pushing policies that will cripple America’s economy. Bloomberg and Steyer are quite open about their passion to shut down the American energy industry.

It’s clear Whitmer answers to these two, and it’s just as clear they answer to Beijing. Steyer wants to lift tariffs on China, and Bloomberg insists the Chinese Communist Party boss is not a dictator. Tell that to the millions he’s imprisoned and the billions he’s endangered with the CCP virus.

Yes, Gretchen Whitmer has all the qualifications to be Beijing Biden’s running mate.

Now the only question in the campaign is this: Who do you trust to repair the damage the CCP virus has inflicted on America?

President Trump stands up to China and built an American economy that was the envy of the world.

Joe Biden and his Democratic friends take money from China and promise to prescribe policies that are proven to be neither safe nor effective.

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