CBS skips OWN poll results showing majority support for Trump on corona

By Around the Web

(NEWSBUSTERS) Another network poll is out finding majority support for Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and this time CBS didn’t even manage 10 seconds for the news. Instead, CBS This Morning on Thursday skipped the positive numbers and barely mentioned the survey at all. In the 7am hour, co-host Tony Dokoupil announced, “A CBS News poll out this morning shows about half of Americans, 51 percent of us, believe the outbreak will get worse in the next month. Only 28 percent think it will get better.”

In the 8am hour, co-host Anthony Mason picked out this detail: “In the latest CBS News poll, 83 percent of Americans say our top priority should be staying home to stop the spread of the virus. Seventeen percent said getting back to work to get the economy going is more important.” That was it for the poll.

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