Church challenges governor’s order on Easter services

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — A nonprofit group dedicated to defending civil rights demanded Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf clarify whether his stay-at-home order will bar people from attending a drive-in evangelical Easter service.

The Center for American Liberty sent a letter to the offices of the Pennsylvania attorney general and the Democratic governor’s legal counsel Sunday, requesting an explanation on whether people may attend evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s service on Easter Sunday in Harrisburg.

“The Governor’s Order is vague, overly broad, and has a chilling effect on First Amendment rights. Pastor Shuttlesworth is a practicing Christian and desires to exercise his First Amendment freedom, on Easter Sunday, by holding a drive-in movie style Easter service,” said Harmeet Dhillon, chief executive officer of the Center for American Liberty. “Unfortunately, a plain reading of the Order is unclear whether churches and other religious institutions can meet for worship services.”

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