Cyrus Trump’s assignment: It’s there in Isaiah 45

By Craige McMillan

In late 2016, Donald Trump was elected president in a substantial election victory over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign had assumed victory since that summer. One campaign worker predicted they would win by 100,000,000 or more to none. This election fulfilled the close of Isaiah Chapter 44, verse 28:

who says of Cyrus, “He is my shepherd
and will accomplish all that I please;
he will say of Jerusalem, ‘Let it be rebuilt,’
and of the temple, ‘Let its foundations be laid.'”

Note that Cyrus Trump emerged at the very end of chapter 44, and also at the very end of POTUS 44, Barack Hussein Obama. Thus Obama paved the way for Trump.

The beginning of Isaiah 45 describes the assignment God was giving to Cyrus, now to be repeated by Cyrus Trump:

This is what the Lord says to his anointed,
to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of
to subdue nations before him
and to strip kings of their armor,
to open doors before him
so that gates will not be shut:

I will go before you
and will level the mountains[a];
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.

I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

For the sake of Jacob my servant,
of Israel my chosen,
I summon you by name
and bestow on you a title of honor,
though you do not acknowledge me.

I am the Lord, and there is no other;
apart from me there is no God.
I will strengthen you,
though you have not acknowledged me,

so that from the rising of the sun
to the place of its setting
people may know there is none besides me.
I am the Lord, and there is no other.

Here the prophet explains 200 years before Cyrus came to power what his assignment was to be. Make no mistake; this is also the assignment given to POTUS 45, but on a worldwide scale.

After relaying Cyrus’ assignment, the prophet relates what God revealed of Himself in the rest of the chapter. His words are equally true and applicable to our understanding today. God is not, as many today seem to think, a gumball machine into which we insert prayers and receive the answers as they roll out into our hand.

God’s agenda right now is the nations; specifically identifying the Sheep and the Goat nations. Our age must be viewed as the time in history when the fulfillment of this part of God’s agenda is going to take place.

The popular “Left Behind” novel series also left behind in its wake two generations of passive, despondent Christians who had abandoned the welfare of their own nation long before God was finished with it. Their favorite Bible verse seems to have been part one of John 16:33. The COVID-19 self distancing guidelines are likely the final nail in the coffin of those churches. We will know soon enough.

It is impossible to understand our world today if you do not comprehend that the Bible is a supernatural book, and Christianity is a supernatural religion. It is comprised of the relationship between a Creator God and His ultimate creation here on earth: the man and the woman, and their descendants. Read the gospels and the book of Acts in the New Testament. You can’t miss it.

Everything ordained of God will happen at precisely the time God has ordained it, and in precisely the manner in which He has determined, for exactly the outcome of good that He seeks. The theology we have developed around God is a man-made aid to our understanding of Him. It does not constitute any limitations upon His actions.

You can meet this God in Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns.

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