Democrat politicians might cancel the Republican convention

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper may soon find out what it’s like to become “resistance” heroes among President Trump’s detractors and targets of his wrath.

The pair of Democratic officials will have considerable say about whether to cancel the Republican National Convention, set for Charlotte on Aug. 24-27, due to social distancing concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. Doing so would be an unprecedented move, but potentially in-line with health guidelines they’ve been pushing at the municipal and statewide level.

The GOP, including Trump, publicly exude confidence that the convention, expected to attract 50,000 party delegates, guests, and members of the media from around the country, will proceed as scheduled. But like most aspects of American life upended by the coronavirus pandemic, the event is shrouded in uncertainty.

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