Google algorithm spreads anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial

By WND Staff

Google image search result

Yiddish phrases and terms such as “Jews” typed into Google’s image search turn up anti-Semitic and racist caricatures from white supremacist and conspiracy websites.

Further, Google’s search algorithm, which suggests additional search terms, includes primarily white supremacist and antis-Semitic terminology, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The report showed results for Yiddish phrases such as “oy vey” and terms such as “Shoah,” for the Holocaust.

After searching with the term “oy vey,” the first suggestions include “merchant,” “shoah,” “6 trillion,” “shlomo” and “6 million.”

MEMRI found many of the images yielded by the search originate on platforms popular with white supremacists and neo-Nazis such as 4Chan, 8Chan and Reddit.

Clicking on the images will direct the user to those websites.

One of the anti-Semitic images among the first search results for the term “oy vey,” originally from the online forum Reddit, shows the popular white supremacist meme Pepe the Frog depicted as a Jewish caricature.

The text: “Knowing you would jew your own friends in a heartbeat.”

The first suggestion for the term “merchant” is paired with a thumbnail depicting a popular anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew, called the happy merchant, or simply the merchant.

Google image search

Clicking on the suggestion yields endless iterations of the anti-Semitic meme, MEMRI found.

One result is an image of the merchant character being sprayed with a can marked with a Star of David and the text “Jew-B-Gone.”

The merchant is depicted as weeping and saying “Oy Vey! It’s like second Shoah!”

The text on the bottom of the image reads: “Exterminates 99.99% of pesky rodents!”

The Google algorithm suggests similar images, including one titled “Backstabbing Jew.” It depicts the merchant hugging another figure and brandishing a knife behind his back.

Google image search

Another result in that search is a comic strip depicting the merchant brokering a trade of African slaves to the U.S.

Africans are also represented with a racist stereotype.

Another of the first results yielded by adding the suggested term “merchant” is a racist and anti-Semitic depiction of the Jew as slave trader.

One of the first images for Shoah, the Jewish Holocaust, is a caricature of a grotesque Jewish figure in a crematorium with a bag of money labeled “Your tax dollars.”

The text around the image reads: “If you see this image while scrolling the first page you have been visited by the JEW OF OTHERWORLDLY GREED[;] Great riches and prosperity will come to you but only if you post ‘Muh six million, it’s a whole new shoah!’ in this thread[.] Oy vey, it’s a whole new shoah!”

Another image shows the merchant figure saying: “Oy vey I can’t believe you want to gas six million more of my ancestors. Tis like anudda shoah.”

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