‘Greatest trade of all time’: Tim Tebow delivers Resurrection message

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(NEWS4JAX) — Tim Tebow delivered a message during the Passion City Church’s livestreamed Easter service on Sunday.

The former Florida Gators quarterback tweeted that he was honored to join the Atlanta-area church for Sunday’s message with Louie Giglio and Sadie Robertson Huff.

“Jesus was forsaken on the cross, so you don’t have to be. Their perfect relationship from eternity past. That bond was broken, so Jesus, his bond with you never has to be broken,” Tebow said during the service. “It wasn’t just that Jesus experienced physical pain. It wasn’t just the sin of the world, which I can’t even imagine, but it was a perfect relationship that he was willing to sever because he wants a relationship with you that will never be severed. That’s why Easter is so amazing.”

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