Hamas: We’ll stop ‘breathing’ of 6 million Israelis if we don’t get ventilators

By WND Staff

The leader of the jihadist organization Hamas warned that if Israel doesn’t provide enough ventilators for Palestinian coronavirus victims in Gaza, he will take the equipment by force and stop the breathing of 6 million Israelis.

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer commented that Yahya Sinwar “wasn’t articulating any new imperative for the jihad group: a new genocide of the Jews has always been a cherished Hamas aspiration.”

He explained that Hamas considers destroying Israel “a religious imperative — even an act of worship.”

“In 2012, Hamas published a music video that included a lyric apparently inspired by the ‘drive them out from where they drove you out’ command and the Hadith calling on Muslims to kill Jews in order to hasten the Last Day: ‘Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.'”

Spencer said imams in Gaza think the “only solution to the problems of the Palestinians was decreed by Muhammad himself in his own end times prophecy of Muslims killing Jews.”

Ismail Radwan, a Hamas spokesman, said in 2007: “We must remind our Arab and Muslim nation, its leaders and people, its scholars and students, remind them that Palestine and the Al Aqsa mosque will not be liberated through summits nor by international resolutions, but it will be liberated through the rifle. It will not be liberated through negotiations, but through the rifle, since this occupation knows no language but the language of force…. O Allah, strengthen Islam and Muslims, and bring victory to your Jihad-fighting worshipers, in Palestine and everywhere. … Allah take the oppressor Jews and Americans and their supporters!”

Spencer wrote: “Coronavirus, and whether or not Israel supplies ventilators to Gaza, is just the latest pretext. Hamas’ genocidal jihad imperative is constant.”

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