‘Impossible’ clear puzzle is the ultimate coronavirus lockdown challenge

By Around the Web

(NEW YORK POST) Hey, puzzlers — looking for a real challenge? We have a clear-cut winner here.

As many Americans approach two, even three weeks or more of their coronavirus lockdown period, they may already be bored with those tired, conventional puzzles featuring puppy dogs, hot air balloons or scenic landscapes. But now there’s an “impossibly difficult” transparent jigsaw puzzle that may just be the challenge you crave.

Now available for pre-order, the Little Flower Pot Shop on Etsy describes their clear, acrylic puzzle as “insanity,” with four tiers of difficulty: “easy, okay, hard and crazy.” Pricing starts at $16.99 with nine 2-inch pieces, which should take less than five minutes for most. The OK and hard levels contain 25 and 49 pieces, respectively.

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