A memo – and a warning – from the voters

By Craige McMillan

To: The Congress
From: The Voters
Subject: Your Plague, Your Future

We begin with the House, which with its two-year election cycle was designed by the Founders to be closer and more responsive to the People. No institution can escape the consequences of corrupt, self-dealing leadership. Human perfection does not exist in this world, but what were you thinking in electing the current speaker? For whom does she speak? Her district lies in shambles of homeless encampments, human feces and public pooping and urination. It is one thing to have problems, but another entirely to embrace and wallow in them as if they were an accomplishment and example unto others. Get rid of her now!

For those of you who hold elected vs. “inherited” seats, we have a question: Who are you representing? Why are immigrants who have entered this country by flouting our laws more important to you than we are? You spend vast sums of money to supply them with public services … toward what end? Do you believe they are going to vote for you at the next election? Do you despise those of us who are citizens and voted in the last election so much that you seek to disenfranchise us with so many gifts to illegal voters? Are you so devoid of accomplishment or corrupt yourself that retaining your seat in the next election is all that matters? If so, then of what possible value are you to us?

Now, regarding the plague that infects our nation. The executive seems to be working tirelessly on our behalf, building public-private partnerships with industry, shifting federal resources to the states where they are needed, and all without partisan consideration. Everything you do, however, seems to be devoid of good sense, but wrapped up in a petty, partisan package and tied together with a tawdry ribbon.

Your incompetence and self-serving grandstanding has not endeared you to the vast majority of us. You seem blind to the economic loss we suffer daily, while you prance around in front of the television cameras. Have you no shame? Do you not understand what an economy is? Are you so used to handling the public purse as your own that you imagine we do not have to work and run our businesses to provide those funds to you?

What, exactly, do you think will remain of all that we have worked for over our lives when you have driven us into insolvency with your selfish political agendas? Do you imagine that we can all live happily ever after on the public dole, while no one is replenishing it? Is that what you learned from your Ivy League law school educations?

We did not elect you to transform America into your personal vision of Utopia. We elected you to maintain what our forebears passed on to us: Mankind’s last, best hope in a cesspool of monarchy, totalitarian dictators and nations warring with other nations as entertainment for their elites.

To the Senate: we find less fault with you than the House, only because we appreciate your efforts on judges that still understand and respect our Constitution. We do, however, have one complaint. You have through clever use of rules subverted the Constitution’s majority vote requirement with one of your own requiring 60 votes. You have sometimes dispensed with this. You need to permanently dispense with it. Follow the Constitution.

Both Houses of government need to understand that its not about you. Its about us and our nation. Hopefully you will be wise enough to understand that the “you” includes both the constituent and the representative. Many of you are neither elite nor justifiable in the position you now hold.

If you are not able to restore what you have already stolen from us, you will be punished unlike any political group has ever been punished at the polls in this nation’s history. Perhaps you mistake voters as your battered spouses, while you run around looking for adulterous opportunities to whore with globalists, totalitarians, fake news personalities and the big tech surveillance state. All of these seek the destruction of the republic we hold dear, and which so many have protected with their lives during time of war.

Do not further kindle the anger of the American public against yourselves and your evil, partisan agenda. We will regurgitate you from the body politic. We will write books that will keep alive the shameful memory of your behavior during a time of crisis. We will teach our children in our schools about the plague that sought to destroy all of us, and how it was joined by traitors in our midst. We will thank our God in our churches that He helped us to defeat you and to scatter your evil, corrupt one-world agenda into the four winds, where its ashes will never be seen again by free men and women.

Take some heartfelt advice: Get out now, while you still can.


The Voters

Is it Armageddon? Or is it something else? Reconnaissance, or the series.

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