Nearly 3 in 4 Americans think Trump should wear protective mask

By Around the Web

(STUDY FINDS) — BALTIMORE — A recent study found that wearing a mask while out in public during the coronavirus outbreak can slow the spread of the disease, potentially bringing a sooner end to this global nightmare. Health officials and the federal government recommend Americans use this extra layer of prevention, but President Donald Trump himself has admitted that he doesn’t expect he’ll wear one. Some elected leaders have shown up at press conferences donning a face covering, and others are following the president’s lead. Now, a new StudyFinds survey reveals that the vast majority of Americans believe Trump and other government officials should be leading by example and put their money (and a mask) where their mouth is.

According to a survey of 389 adults in the U.S., an overwhelming 73% of respondents agree that elected leaders, including the president, should be wearing a mask during all public appearances. Though his decision could always change, particularly upon the news that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to an intensive care unit after contracting the coronavirus, Trump seemed quite clear that he’ll be mask-free.

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