‘No significant risk’ of coronavirus infection at supermarkets, prof finds

By Around the Web

(THE COLLEGE FIX) — A German professor who has studied coronavirus outbreaks in his country says that the threat of contracting COVID-19 while out grocery shopping has been vastly overblown, and that shoppers can by-and-large go to supermarkets with little risk of catching the virus.

Hendrik Streeck, a virologist at the University of Bonn, studied the coronavirus outbreak that occurred last month in Heisenberg, Germany, to determine how virulent the disease actually is. Heisenberg has been among the hardest-hit regions in Germany, though it has a relatively low death rate from the disease.

Business Insider reports Streeck, per his investigations, told media last week that “most cases of coronavirus in Heinsberg originated from people being close together for a significant period of time, and not from touching surfaces with virus particles on them.”

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