Pelosi: Presidential primary voting at this time is ‘undermining our democracy’

By WND Staff

Democrats, despite their bravado, have reasons to worry about the 2020 presidential election.

Until the coronavirus pandemic, they were facing a strong incumbent with significant economic, national and international accomplishments and a way of reaching independents. Their probable candidate? A gaffe-prone former vice president who regularly loses his train of thought.

Then came the pandemic, and President Trump has been on camera every day, giving updates, outlining plans and announcing decisions. His polling numbers have gone up. Meanwhile, Biden has been holding court in his basement.

So what’s the party of the left to do? Change up the rules, if it can.

In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., says voting in a regularly scheduled election is “undermining our democracy.”

She’s complaining about the primary election Tuesday in Wisconsin, which Democrats had tried either to delay or provide special accommodations for voting.

The U.S. Supreme Court, however, allowed the regularly scheduled election to take place.

Pelosi said the decision, a 5-4 vote, was “shameful.”

“You have the Supreme Court of the United States undermining our democracy,” Pelosi said. “It’s really shameful. Five to four, surprise, surprise.”

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and others abruptly wanted to delay the election because of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact it has been on the calendar for months, and the impact of the virus has been known for weeks.

Evers issued an executive order postponing the vote, but the state Supreme Court reversed him, and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that decision.

The U.S. Supreme Court majority, however, said it was ruling only on whether a federal judge was “entitled to change a state’s absentee-voting procedures just days before an election,” not on whether to hold the election.

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the high court’s most liberal members, said the majority should have upheld a measure to allow absentee ballots to be turned in late.

Without that provision, she said, Wisconsin voters either “will have to brave the polls, endangering their own and others’ safety.”

“Or they will lose their right to vote, through no fault of their own.”

Citizens requested absentee ballots in record numbers to avoid going to polling places amid the pandemic. The state was unprepared for the number of requests and could not distribute them in time.

More opportunity for vote fraud

Meanwhile, an organization funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is asking for “drop boxes” for ballots in November, Breitbart News reported.

The Brennan Center for Justice also has advocated a “vote by mail” system along with permanent changes in American voting procedures.

The report said analysts believe such proposals help the Democratic Party. Republicans fear voter fraud, arguing mail-in voting would be harder to authenticate.

The Soros-backed group wants secure drop boxes in accessible locations for voters to drop off ballots directly.

But no rules have been proposed for where they would be located.

The center also wants to increase online voter registration, same-day registration and more.

“Brennan also advocates expanded early voting, with states offering at least two weeks of early in-person voting or a minimum of five days,” the report said.

Slate joined in Pelosi’s complaint, calling the Supreme Court’s decision “one of the most brazen acts of voter suppression in modern history.”

Voters “rightfully” are afraid of COVID-19, Slate said, but election officials “simply do not have time, resources, or staff to process” all the demands for absentee ballots.

That means a large number of voters won’t get their ballots until after Election Day. And Wisconsin law disqualifies ballots received after that date.

A federal court ordered the state to count votes mailed after election day, but the Supreme Court overturned the ruling.

The high court noted that voters in other elections also failed to get their votes counted because they were submitted late.

Breitbart previously reported Pelosi tried to install “ballot harvesting, same-day voter registration, and federally mandated early voting provisions” in the coronavirus emergency-relief bill approved by Congress.

The report said her plans would have the impact of “allowing political operatives to collect and deliver an endless number of absentee ballots from voters.”

Pelosi also wanted to stop states from requiring voter registration applicants to provide more than the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, require early voting in every state, expanded mail-in ballots and more ballots in more foreign languages.

Election-law experts Hans von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams wrote in a column published by the Daily Signal that Pelosi’s “bid to ‘never let a serious crisis go to waste’ is both cynical and tragic. Pelosi’s coronavirus plan includes mandatory voting by mail. Pelosi’s plan would smash key safeguards to clean elections.”

“We always knew that liberals considered federalizing control over elections to be an important priority. We just never dreamed it was more important than fighting the coronavirus pandemic or preserving American jobs. For years, both of us have testified before Congress about progressive designs to take over control from state election officials. Progressives long for federal mandates over how we vote, when we vote and who gets to collect absentee ballots,” they wrote.

They warned the Democratic plans would “make it easier to manipulate election outcomes and commit fraud.”

“Pelosi’s plan would smash key safeguards to clean elections. Not only would the bill bar states from requiring notarization or witness signatures on absentee ballots, it would ban any type of ID requirement,” they wrote. “Moreover, it would require states to allow completed absentee ballots to be picked up by candidates, political consultants, and party activists (ballot harvesting).”

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