Petition calls for halt in ‘sex-change’ operations during pandemic

By WND Staff


A new petition is calling for a halt to elective “sex-change” surgeries to save valuable medical equipment and supplies for health care professionals who are fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

A freeze also would allow people who are “gender-confused” to re-think their plans before going ahead with “mutilation,” say the promoters of the petition, the Ruth Institute and Life Petitions.

The Ruth Institute’s president, Jennifer Roback Morse, explains her organization is a global interfaith coalition to equip Christians to defend the family. It provides research and educational tools to support people who are hurt by divorce, the hookup culture and other threats to the family.

The petition calls on governors to halt “sex-change” procedures during the crisis just as elective surgeries have been postponed to conserve medical resources.

The petition argues that “gender-reassignment surgery” is “non-essential.”

“LifeSite and the Ruth Institute are combining forces on this petition to help save lives by preserving doctors’ time and scare medical resources, to be used for victims of COVID-19. Elective surgeries, such as ‘sex-change’ surgery, should be stopped for the duration of the crisis,” it states.

“Removing healthy body parts may change the patient’s appearance, but not his or her sex. After the operation, they have the same genetic makeup that they had before it.”

The petition says the pause “will also give the gender-confused time to re-think submitting themselves to what amounts to mutilation and to seek compassionate counseling to help them be at peace with their bodies.”

It also urges states to revised their broadly worded bans on “conversion therapy” that ban counseling people with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion.

It asks governors to “make it clear that talk-therapy aimed at helping gender-confused persons to be at peace with their bodies does not constitute prohibited ‘conversion therapy.'”

Morse cited an interview she did with Erin Brewer, whose attempt to become a “boy” encompassed years of her life before her conversion to Christianity.

She later earned a degree from Hampshire College and her doctorate from Utah State.

See the interview:

Brewer urges citizens to contact members of Congress to oppose the Equality Act, which would embed in federal law preferential treatment for transgenders and others.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is supporting a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from competing as girls in interscholastic sports.

Attorney General William Barr has argued against the policy of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the board that oversees the state’s high school athletic competitions.

The board allows athletes to compete according to “gender identity,” arguing it is following a state law that requires high school students be treated according to their gender of choice. It also argues the policy complies with Title IX, the federal law that ensuring girls have equal educational opportunities, including in athletics.

But in Idaho, lawmakers banned transgender athletes from competing in girls sports.

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