Why does the pope sound like a pagan political activist?

By Around the Web

(DISRN) — I cringed the moment I saw the Pope’s opening line:

“There is an expression in Spanish: ‘God always forgives, we forgive sometimes, but nature never forgives,'” Pope Francis said.

That may be a Spanish expression, but it is anything but biblical. Which seems to prompt an obvious question: Why is the Pope, whose real name is Jorge Bergoglio, sharing a proverb that seems far more likely to find its origin in paganism, with its adulation and worship of nature, than Christian Scripture?

After all, it’s not like a global pandemic isn’t a most appropriate time for a Christian leader to be shepherding his flock, encouraging the lonely, comforting the afflicted, and offering eternal hope to the confused. Basic church history repeatedly testifies to exponential growth for Christianity during times of global plagues. In those moments when men are confronted with their own mortality, they are far more focused on the things that matter most – like the fate of their own soul.

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