Productivity in isolation: Resource website inspired by Isaac Newton

By Rebecca Hagelin

COVID-19 didn’t send Isaac Newton into quarantine, but the Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as the Black Death, did. While in isolation for some two years, this man of God and brilliant scientist made some of the most important discoveries known to mankind. Not one to let the threat of a deadly disease or the disruption it caused in his life to get him down, Newton’s use of the quiet months still benefits us today. Specifically, Newton used his gifts of observation and reason to outline the Laws of Motion and Optics and to invent calculus. And the legendary falling apple that inspired him to contemplate what we now call gravity? The force was studied and named in the quiet of his family garden where Newton had sequestered himself.

Two ingenious friends have found inspiration in Sir Isaac Newton’s use of solitude and are doing their part to help mankind too. KC Craichy (, and Fred Markert, (, became concerned about the millions of people who feel the stress of isolation or are stuck in less than ideal home situations during America’s time of quarantine. So, these two friends decided to create a website that they filled with free resources to help all of us use our home time productively. The website,, is already filled with scores of links to resources on everything from free online college courses, to a ‪24/7 prayer hotline, to sources for wholesome entertainment. Understanding that domestic violence is on the rise during this crisis, the site contains helplines and links to counseling ministries. Also featured are many of the most inspiring and powerful sermons by late Pastor Billy Graham including his final message, “How to Have Peace in the Midst of Panic.”

The many freebies on include homeschooling tips and apps, as well as ways to strengthen your marriage through the “The Marriage Survival Guide” podcasts. There’s even a free book by retired NBA star Allan Houston, who now focuses on leadership, mentorship, and discipleship, called, “The Fundamentals Of Life: Life In 3D.” Need a break from the stress? will bring a bit of laughter back into your life through the free streams by comedian Tim Hawkins.

The site also tells the inspiring story of Isaac Newton and how he allowed God to work in his life in the face of death. It was Sir Newton who said, “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being. …

“All variety of created objects which represent order and life in the universe could happen only by the willful reasoning of its original Creator, whom I call the ‘Lord God.’ …

“This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of His dominion He is wont to be called ‘Lord God.’ …

“The supreme God exists necessarily, and by the same necessity He exists always and everywhere.”

When 2020 started, Americans were at each other’s throats over politics. Today, decent Americans are no longer battling each other, but are fighting a common enemy that is no respecter of party affiliation. The illness and resulting economic crisis that threaten everyone have us needing each other the most at the same time that we are forced to isolate. The threat of loneliness can be thwarted through the resources provided by The Isaac Newton Project, and we all can find inspiration from the tremendous effort and partnership that went into creating it. Cofounder Fred Market says, “In this time of anxiety, fear, political and social division, and uncertainty, it’s refreshing to see such a large variety of significant organizations coming together in unity to freely provide materials and resources for the people of America. Let’s imitate Isaac Newton and use our time wisely and productively during this trying time in our country, because time is a non-renewable resource.”

To discover resources to help you and your family thrive, log onto Be sure to check the site often, as new services are added daily.

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