U.S. investigating COVID-19 source

By WND Staff

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is calling for an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, because the world has a right to answers.

But an investigation already may have started.

Investigative reporter Adam Housley posted on Twitter he has “three solid and separate federal sources” who confirm the U.S. “absolutely is investigating the Chinese claims about the origin of COVID-19.”

Twitchy, which aggregates news on Twitter, spotlighted his posts.

Housley said his sources say officials are convinced the problem did not originate in China’s wet market, a source for exotic foods such as bats and cats. He’s been told members of Congress in both parties learned in December of a dangerous virus from China, only “nobody understood how massively quick it spread.”

Housley reported the “strong belief” is that it was accidentally released by a “worker who got infected by mishandling an animal or bat that had been studied.” Other possibilities are that it was “planted” near its launch point in Wuhan, China, or that “it was purposely released.”

“U.S. authorities are on the case,” he said.

Haley, in an interview Thursday with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, pointed out the World Health Organization’s decision to defend China and parrot its narrative.

“This is what China does,” she said. “They try and leverage and get influence. And what we’re seeing is the World Health Organization, once again, has fallen for it. And I can’t believe they’re going to go so far as lecture the president. I mean, if anything, we deserve to hold them accountable. We have the rights to answers. They need to be investigated.”

Haley noted Taiwan warned the world group of human-to-human transmission in December.

“Why did it take a whole month for the World Health Organization to respond? You want to know why that is? Because China has kept Taiwan from being a member of the World Health Organization,” she said.

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