Shoplifting, risky behavior ramp up at SF Walgreens during pandemic

By Around the Web

(NBC NEWS) Employees and customers at a San Francisco Walgreens are calling for additional staff, security, and protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying shoplifting and dangerous behavior inside the store have reached new heights during the city’s weeks-long stay at home order.

A series of videos taken by customers and provided to NBC Bay Area appear to show shoplifters cleaning out store shelves, undeterred by employees and customers yelling at them to stop. One video shows a customer pushing an apparent shoplifter out of the store.

“They come and then take all the merchandise, the food – especially the food” said a Walgreens employee who NBC Bay Area is not identifying. “And then they say, ‘We have the virus. We got tested positive. We have the virus.”

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