Thinking past the virus – to November

By Michael Master

OK – fears about the virus will wane. The economy will rebound. All the statistics are pointed in the right direction. So it is time to think past the virus.

What will be important to Americans before the election this fall?

What was the U.S. like for average working Americans before the China virus hit? Pretty damn good. Lots better than it was under Obama. Watch how Republicans use that fact in the fall.

Trump might say: “Do you remember how things were before the virus hit? Your life before the virus hit? Well, let’s do it again. Let’s make America great again.”

How Trump did it will not be as important as how people remember how it was for them personally. Wages. Jobs. GDP. Employment. IRA accounts. Stock market. Net worth. Companies returning to the USA. Repatriation of more than a trillion dollars that was kept overseas. Health care costs finally decreasing. Corporate profits.

Then Trump will remind America how he did it: Elimination of 900 Obama rules/regulations/executive orders that were stifling business. Tax reforms. Elimination of the Obamacare mandate. Capitalism. Insurance companies allowed to offer low-cost catastrophic insurance that was banned by Obamacare. Elimination of the Iran deal, TPP and the Paris Accord, which were all killing us. Making NATO countries pay their fair shares. Tariffs on China. The USMCA new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. Oil, oil, oil! Stopping competition from immigrants for jobs. Reducing illegal immigration. 76 new immigration judges. 200 new federal judges. The wall. Kavanaugh. Gorsuch. A stronger military. More help for vets. The “right to try” for people with deadly diseases … and the list goes on.

The China virus taught us four things that should be emphasized before November:

1. There are more reasons than just economic reasons to shut down illegal immigration.

2. Reliance on foreigners for goods/products and supply chains is bad. Globalism is bad, especially during a war. The future should be marked by self-sufficiency, independence and nationalism. America First, the same as how Gov. Cuomo put New York first.

3. The will of the American people should never be underestimated. Americans are exceptional. Americans rallied to defeat this China virus just as they did to defeat the Nazis in Wordl War II.

4. Capitalism stepped up to save America. Not socialism. Not government takeover. Not government dictates – but capitalism, freedom.

Democrats may try to downplay all that, but average working Americans will love it. They don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC or read Salon, the Washington Post, New York Times, etc. They will be watching football games, sending their kids back to school, drinking beer in bars with their friends, discussing politics with neighbors, playing sports and having fun. They will remember what their lives were like prior to the China virus and will want that back again.

Here’s Trump’s argument for this fall:

Did you notice how the impact of the virus was not nearly as bad as originally predicted? 2.2 to 4 million Americans did not die as originally forecast by the CDC and Fauci and Birx. The economy did not die. It was a war, and we won the war – under my watch. Finally, the United States won a war again.

My team and I did a great job – so aren’t you glad that you elected me instead of Hillary?

Why would you think of turning this nation over to Sleepy Joe – the guy who wanted to split Iraq into three countries, the guy who threatened to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine to help his son, the guy who helped get Obamacare passed, the guy who has been part of the Swamp for more than 40 years, the guy who helped do the Iran deal, TPP, the Paris Accord, NAFTA and those 900 Obama rules, regulations and executive orders, the guy who forgot to put America first, and the guy who forgets where he is?

Let’s do it again. Let’s make America great again, one more time, just as it was before the China virus. Let’s perform an encore to finish what we started.

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