U.N.’s Agenda 21 partially to blame for rapid spread of virus

By Brent Smith

When pandemics strike, logically where will they do the most damage? Of course, in areas with the highest concentration of population. It’s no different than any disaster or frankly even a war. During World War II, for example, bombing cities obviously inflicted much more damage and hardship than striking farmland.

Looking at any map of coronavirus concentration, it’s plain to see where the outbreak spikes are occurring.

If you guessed in most major cities, you’d be correct. This is a perfectly logical and reasonable conclusion, even before looking at a map. After all, a close-proximity communicable virus will spread more effectively with a population that must remain in, well, close proximity.

The virus is bound to spread from host to host while walking city streets, living in mega-unit high-rise apartment complexes, riding public transportation and just generally being closer to one another.

It’s just a fact of life when living in a big city where millions reside and work.

Some may call this enigmatic, but it’s not. It was/is entirely predictable.

Shoehorn millions of people into a relatively tiny, cramped space. Add a dash of infectious disease or virus – and what do you think is going to occur?

So who’s to blame for this – if anyone? Is it the Chinese government?

The short answer is yes. They introduced it to the rest of the unsuspecting world.

Or maybe it’s really no ones fault. Maybe it’s just the way things are. Maybe people just naturally migrate to large urban areas and this is the occasional result.

However, that is never good enough. Someone must be to blame.

Well, other than the Chicoms, if we had to lay blame, even partially, maybe we should look at leftist progressives. And not any leftists, but the radical leftists at the United Nations.

And not just the United Nations as a whole, but specifically the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), which began in 1992. Although in 1992 it was simply called the Earth Summit.

In 2008, the UNCSD hailed, “for the first time in history, the global urban population outnumbered the rural population. This milestone marked the advent of a new ‘urban millennium’ and, by 2050, it is expected that two-thirds of the world population will be living in urban areas. With more than half of humankind living in cities and the number of urban residents growing by nearly 73 million every year it is estimated that urban areas account for 70 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and has therefore generated economic growth and prosperity for many.”

Well, that just sounds fabulous!

We may know the UNCSD by what it created – Agenda 21.

In the name of climate change (what else), Agenda 21 sought and continues to seek to drive people out of the suburbs and into cities, by, in their own words, “changing population and sustainable settlements.”

This is supposed to help the planet and thus the scourge of climate change, by lessening the need for those dreaded fossil fuels used excessively in large, sprawling suburban single-family homes and gas-guzzling SUVs.

Instead, according to Agenda 21, suburbanites should opt for cramped city dwelling and public transportation.

Then the brilliant minds at the U.N. can convince governments to “lock away” green spaces from exploration and development, and the climate change problem will be solved.

In other words, just pack everyone into a few megalopolises, or super-city complexes, and leave the rest of our green planet alone to thrive.

Of course, never once did these geniuses ever consider the rapid spread of such diseases as COVID-19, due in large part to their grand plan.

Once again, the leftist know-it-alls in government and the U.N. helped cause the pandemic with there “sustainable development” idea, and now we have to depend on these people to solve the issue.

When will they ever learn? (h/t: Peter, Paul and Mary)

Answer: probably never.

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