UCLA student drops ‘indoctrinating’ class after prof’s instruction to advocate for illegals

By Around the Web

(CAMPUS REFORM) It’s been just over three weeks since most California Colleges announced the suspension of in-person courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time, many students, professors, and faculty members have begun the transition to online lectures. But the transition has not dissuaded some faculty members from pushing their own political beliefs on their students.

In a video obtained by Campus Reform of a prerecorded online lecture obtained by Campus Reform, UCLA instructor Kent Wong can be seen explaining the class to his students with the stated purpose of “advancing the campaign for sanctuary for undocumented students and staff here at the UCLA campus.”

“It wasn’t an assignment,” UCLA student Josiah Badie, who enrolled in the class, told Campus Reform. “It was a theme of the class.”

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