Fresno fines furniture store $5,000 for selling online with outside pick up — just like a restaurant

By Around the Web

(BUSINESS JOURNAL) The Crazy Bernie furniture store in Fresno has received a $5,000 citation from the city for operating as a non-essential business.

Storeowner Bernie Siomiak — known for his eccentric television commercials — shared the information on his Facebook page Wednesday.

Siomiak wrote on the Facebook post that he is being “cited again” after he made statements for non-essential businesses to re-open at Councilmember’s Garry Bredefeld press conference on Tuesday.

“Told it was unlawful to operate my website and to cease immediately,” Siomiak wrote on the Facebook post that went up today. “I have tried to reach the lady who is in charge at the city but so far no luck. I wonder how many fines they are handing out for doing the safest form of business there is.”

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