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Today’s Democratic Party insists that a beautiful, full-term human baby just about to be born isn’t really a human being, and therefore can be slaughtered at will – maybe even after he or she is born – just as long as “the mother and her doctor” agree.

The Democratic Party’s top leaders also passionately warn that the entire earth will become uninhabitable within 10 years due to global warming – unless, that is, America goes full totalitarian/socialist right now and adopts their Green New Deal at an estimated cost of $93 trillion. After all, it’s “settled science.”

The modern Democratic Party likewise contends there are more than a hundred different genders that never before existed in history, that men can get pregnant, have babies and much more, and that if you don’t agree with all this, you’re a deplorable bigot – and anti-science.

These are the people who proudly identify themselves as “the party of science” and contemptuously dismiss critics and political opponents as “science-deniers” or “climate-deniers,” people who refuse to “listen to the scientists” and “follow the data.”

Most recently, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Democratic leaders and their media propagandists have played their “we-listen-to-the-scientists!” card more brazenly than ever.

Blue-state governors, mayors and public health officials have issued sweeping dictatorial orders quarantining the young and healthy inside their homes for extended periods, allowing big-box stores to sell beer and wine but not paint and garden supplies, permitting beachgoers to walk on wet sand but not dry sand, and allowing groups of 25 to meet in a restaurant, department store or most any other venue – but not in a church. It’s science, you see; it’s all in the data.

Meanwhile, cable TV anchors and pundits posing as epidemiologists and immunologists angrily denounce the drug hydroxychloroquine as extremely dangerous, even though the FDA has ruled it safe for the last half-century. Why do they condemn a medication already being used effectively on COVID-19 patients worldwide and which many frontline physicians themselves take prophylactically – especially at a time when the world is desperate for effective therapies that might help those infected with the highly contagious coronavirus? For one reason only: Because President Donald J. Trump, whom the left detests and lives to destroy, has spoken approvingly about it and even took a two-week regimen of the medication under the guidance of his doctor.

In all of this and more, those on the left – while reveling in misinformation, fear, hysteria, wildly inaccurate computer models, pathological hatred toward the president, and the cocaine-like rush of exercising dictatorial powers – insist they’re just “following the science and the data.”

Truth check: As the latest issue of Whistleblower magazine conclusively documents, there is no more unscientific – indeed, anti-science – political movement in American history than today’s Democratic Party.

The groundbreaking issue is titled “THE LEFT’S WAR ON SCIENCE: Democrats’ pretense of ‘following the data’ masks a grand scheme to turn America socialist.”

Highlights of “THE LEFT’S WAR ON SCIENCE” include:

  • “The party of no science,” by David Kupelian, showing why, at its very core, leftism is inalterably anti-science and always has been
  • “The media’s manipulative COVID body count: Leaving out vital context turns ‘science and data’ into propaganda and lies” by Michael Schisler
  • “Infectious-disease expert: ‘American medicine has gone nuts’” by Art Moore. “Just a craziness out there,” says a top doctor, “and I don’t know how to correct it. The truth doesn’t matter anymore”
  • “For the left, ‘environmental science’ is the doorway to socialism: The brains behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confesses that the “Green New Deal” is not really about climate change at all, but rather, “a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing”
  • “And a man in a lab coat shall lead them” by Don Feder, who observes how “Democrats invoke ‘science’ more than Baptist ministers invoke God”
  • “How America got legalized abortion: Sometimes doctors just lie” by David Kupelian, on how NARAL co-founder Bernard Nathanson, M.D. confessed, “Repeating the big lie often enough convinces the public”
  • “CDC: Centers for Damaged Credibility: 8 incidents reveal ‘bloated’ agency’s incompetence” by Michelle Malkin
  • “Death certificates should recognize ‘climate change,’ study claims” by Art Moore, on a global-warming researcher’s lament that global warming is “a killer, but we don’t acknowledge it”
  • “How transgender suddenly became normal” by David Kupelian, who reveals that even the former head of the American Psychological Association has admitted: “The gay rights movement sort of captured the APA”
  • “Leftwing psychiatrists try to disenfranchise Trump voters: Activist academics claim the president isn’t ‘capable of keeping the country safe’” by Jane M. Orient, M.D.
  • “Who will run the insane asylum?” by David Kupelian, who explains how, from the Soviet Union to today’s America, the left exploits psychiatry, classifying the sanest and most virtuous people as deranged and sick – and vice versa
  • “I’m a ‘scientist’ – a label that is fast losing its luster” by Art Robinson, Ph.D., in which the noted chemist explains how the socialist left is exploiting public trust in “science” to foment a revolution
  • “Green-agenda fail: Restaurants not yet seeing big demand for ‘Bug Macs’”

“Science,” observes Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “is a search for truth and genuine knowledge. The research findings reached by a real scientist may not be what he anticipated, and may even uncomfortably challenge his assumptions and personal convictions. But no matter, because all that counts for a real scientist is discovering what is actually true and factual.

“This is literally the exact opposite of what animates the left, whose worldview has come to possess today’s Democratic Party. As author and talk host Dennis Prager puts it, ‘Truth has never been a leftwing value.’

“By its very nature,” adds Kupelian, “the left does not care about objective truth or scientific fact or the lessons of history or the laws of economics or understanding human nature or God or biblical morality or respecting individual God-given rights. Rather, the left is messianically obsessed with ignoring all of this, playing god and radically transforming society into a utopia that exists only in their imagination.”

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