The planned, coordinated attack on the United States

By Barbara Simpson

I’ve spent the last several hours reviewing events of the last week and trying to define just how I feel about all of the chaos that has enveloped this country, and indeed much of the world.

There are many scenes from the rioting that affected me because virtually all of it was totally unnecessary and so wasteful of lives and property. Yes, there was the horrific incident in which George Floyd was fatally injured and died, but despite that, none of the violence that followed was justified.

People seems to have forgotten – or intentionally ignored – that within hours of the incident, Officer Derek Chauvin was fired and then charged with murder and manslaughter. The three other officers with him at the time of the death were also fired and now have been charged.

That is exactly what should have happened under our system of law, but it appears that too many people don’t care. For them, the issue is that a black man died when under the control of a white policeman, and that very fact means that it was an intentional killing and needs retribution.

And by the way, this isn’t the first such incident – why were there riots for Mr. Floyd and not for the others? Think about it.

There has been a tsunami of hate directed at the police, the military, all white people and, of course, President Trump. Add to that the people who have established and grown successful businesses. The looting of businesses and destruction of their premises is a clear indication that there was intent to loot and destroy and it had nothing to do with George Floyd. His death was a good excuse to unleash the devastation.

It was a directed and planned attack on all that makes this a free country. It is no accident that the attacks were coordinated across the country in so many states – and in Europe, of all places. Rioting in Europe over this death? That isn’t an accident.

Many of the people involved in the rioting were not residents of the states where they did their damage. Who coordinated that, who were they, why were they there, and who paid for it all? They were equipped with clothing and radios and weapons. None of that is free. No matter how you look at it, it was a planned and coordinated attack on the United States. Any American who does not see that is a fool.

After all the horrors we’ve seen over the last week, after all the fires, looting, damage and physical attacks, the one scene I remember the most and which nearly brought me to tears was the scene at the Lincoln Memorial. It was clear that the rioters intended to deface, damage, insult and, if possible, destroy the patriotic monuments in our nation’s capital.

Fortunately, there was security there to prevent real damage but there was graffiti sprayed on the monuments, and for me, just the thought that the Lincoln Memorial might be a victim of such wanton destructiveness almost brought me to tears.

For me, that Memorial is the most beautiful of all the beauty in Washington – and I’ve seen them all. But the majesty of Lincoln and what it represents, for me, is the best, and just the thought of it being damaged is appalling.

Fortunately, it’s safe, and I know that the president and the security forces there will protect our nation’s capital from the rioters who only want to destroy. They’re still at it, and I have no doubt that it will happen again. We must not allow that, and it’s a tragedy that President Trump is being criticized for doing his job – protecting the country.

We must never forget that police are called “peace officers.” It’s their job to keep the peace.

We have been attacked by anarchists – people who want to create disorder and revolt against the established laws. We have seen up close and personal, as they say, exactly what that means, and it isn’t pretty. They have an intent to bring us down, and we must not allow that to happen.

Yet already, there are calls to cut funding for police departments – Los Angeles and New York are already on that path – as though eliminating police will make us all safer.

And speaking of being safer, every looter and rioter arrested in St. Louis has already been released by the local prosecutor. They were not charged with any crimes.

In New York City, more than 400 were arrested in the looting, but all have been released without bail.

In Washington, D.C., nearly all of those arrested have been released and charges against them dropped.

Doesn’t that make you feel safer, especially if you live in those cities?

The bottom line is that the movement behind all this is Antifa and the monied people funding them. Their goal is to destroy all things American, but it can only happen if we allow it. The Democrats’ attacks on Donald Trump are part of the plan because they feel if they prevent Trump from being reelected, they will have control of the country – on their terms.

Think about that.

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