I’m sick of the ‘black lives matter’ blather

By Mychal Massie

I’m sick of hearing how black lives matter. Black Lives Matter is a Stalinist domestic terrorist group comprised of bigots, racists, anarchists and terrorists with three things in common: 1) They all hate America; 2) they’re funded by taxpayer money and Soros money; and 3) they’re all going to hell when they die, if they do not confess their sins, repent and turn from them, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The factual truth is that lives do not matter, be they black, white, gray or chartreuse, until a black person dies during a confrontation with white police officers.

If lives mattered, there would be no alcoholism; there would be no drug addiction; there would be no violent assaults; there would be no rape; there would be no pornography and prostitution; there would be no marital infidelity or spousal abuse. Because if lives mattered, the mentality that supports, encourages and applauds the aforementioned reprobate behavior would not be celebrated.

And, if black lives mattered, there wouldn’t be over 20 million blacks who have been murdered by the industrialized systematic extermination of black children. If lives mattered, women as a collective wouldn’t have had over 60 million children murdered.

If lives mattered, people wouldn’t be fixated on color of skin. Rather they would be fixated upon integrity, truthfulness and honesty; they wouldn’t celebrate the most reprobate forms of moral turpitude.

If lives mattered, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith would be alive, because Obama would have moved heaven and hell to ensure their safe return from Benghazi – just as he did to return Army deserter and Muslim sympathizer Bowe Bergdahl. If lives mattered, journalist Danny Pearl would be alive today and with his family. He wouldn’t have been beheaded because he was a Jew in Muslim territory. If lives mattered, the over 3,000 innocent Americans who were murdered the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, would still be alive.

If lives mattered, there wouldn’t be north of a trillion dollars in property damages across the United States owing to domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and godless immoral opportunists who personify the zeitgeist where looting and stealing is viewed as supporting one’s family.

If lives mattered, retired St. Louis City former police Capt. David Dorn would still be alive. He wouldn’t have been murdered by black street trash looting a pawnshop. If lives mattered, those like CNN hosts Don Lemon and “Fredo” Cuomo wouldn’t call rioters freedom fighters. If lives mattered, these thugs and hired trash wouldn’t have blocked the streets to prevent firefighters from getting to the house they set on fire with a small baby inside.

If lives mattered, Pennsylvania health director Richard Levine (who specialized in mental health) wouldn’t have destroyed his family by selfishly waking up one morning and deciding he wanted to be Rachel Levine in order to live out some fantasy of sexual perversion as reality. The same goes for others like him.

The idea that lives matter is a damnable heterodoxy and a corrupt demonic construct perpetuated as an excuse for riot and political gain.

If lives mattered, government would abide by and support the constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government wouldn’t endorse the edicts of malicious neo-Leninist governors who contrived draconian mandates that crippled states, spread fear and instituted Hitlerian practices of spying and reporting on neighbors and family.

Specifically, if black lives mattered, over 70 percent of homes with black families wouldn’t be single-parent households, headed by women with children from multiple men.

If lives mattered, vile self-serving politicians and lucifarian community organizers wouldn’t attack America as being racist. They would speak the truth that in America opportunity abounds and that the road to success begins with proper behavior, personal responsibility, and marketable educational and employment skills. Said marketable employment skills for most are best found and developed vis-à-vis trade schools and apprentice programs, not by accumulating massive tuition debt and then defaulting, which leads to severe handicap based upon poor credit. This limits one’s ability to own or rent a home or purchase an automobile.

If lives mattered, Barack Obama wouldn’t have embarked upon Fast and Furious, the illegal gunrunning operation that resulted in hundreds of innocent Mexicans being murdered as well as American border personnel. If lives mattered, Obama and his cohorts wouldn’t have used lies and sabotage in their attempt to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president; because, as we know, their seditious criminal acts did destroy the lives of innocent people whose only crime was loyalty to candidate Trump and later President Trump.

Lives do not matter to those who blather same but are uninformed and mercilessly blind to the truth. If lives mattered, the false teachers/preachers espousing blasphemous pedagogy would not be given a platform from which to spread their revisionist lies and bastardization of historical fact.

If lives truly mattered, be they black or otherwise, true men and women of God would speak the truthful Word of God, not advocate sinful orthodoxies that promote sexual deviants to the pulpit, women to pastoral positions and the fallacious idea that God is a respecter of persons based upon skin color.

If lives really mattered – be they pink, green, black or stupid – there would be no need for me to point out everything I’ve just said.

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