FLASHBACK: See Obama, Bernie, other top Dems paying homage to Mt. Rushmore

By WND Staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigning for president at Mount Rushmore in 2016 (Video screenshot)

A montage of Democratic Party figures in recent years waxing eloquent about the patriotic Mount Rushmore offers a stark contrast to the way Democrats and establishment media talked about the monument when President Trump decided to celebrate the Fourth of July there.

A CNN reporter exemplified the coverage, intoning that Trump would be “standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.”

But the montage by the Washington Free Beacon shows Barack and Michele Obama, Bernie Sanders, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton expressing appreciation for the American landmark within the last decade.

CNN featured Sanders visiting Rushmore while campaigning for president in 2016, with the reporter noting the senator was “taking in the majesty of the moment, this monument to four great American presidents.”

Sanders says it represents “our country at its very best” and “really does make one proud to be an American.”

Then-MSNBC host Chris Matthews spoke of the “grand sculpture” of great men who “sculpted our history.”

Barack Obama, while he was president, called it “one of America’s most iconic landmarks,” and his wife called it a “great American site.”

Al Sharpton, who described President Trump’s July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore as a “love letter to white supremacy,” suggested just seven years ago that President Obama’s visage might one day be carved in the mountain.

See the video:

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