10 tips for saving America

By Scott Lively

Reelecting President Trump is not a political choice but an act of self-defense for every American who loves the Holy Bible and the U.S. Constitution. We can’t trust the media, the pollsters, Big Tech, or even the Republican Party! After 30 years of the Bush/Clinton/Obama/Romney tag-team, they’re all corrupt and determined to overthrow both Trump and the rule of law to usher in Global Corporation-Managed Socialism (the China Model of Marxism these American elites created).

No, we must reelect Trump OURSELVES – so overwhelmingly that no amount of cheating by the Marxists and Deep State can hide the landslide we cause! Shock and Awe, baby! So many individual torches that it looks like a forest fire.

1. This means taking pro-active individual initiative: Every constitutionalist an independent self-directed army of one. Don’t wait for anyone to lead you! Lead yourself. Lead others.

2. Go low-tech! Sure, use social media, but always assume its all being manipulated to suppress you and deceive you into thinking you’re making a difference. Put your real efforts into old school grassroots.

3. Use person to person persuasion. Start asking the people around you how they’re going to vote, and explain why you’re pro-Trump. If they’re pro-Trump, make sure they’re registered to vote! Keep a list and do your own “get out the vote” effort in November. If they’re anti-Trump (and seem teachable), find out why and have resources to answer their objections. But don’t waste time with zealots!

4. Go door to door canvassing (teams of two or more for safety, and always have video cameras ready as a deterrent or as evidence). Dropping literature is easiest, but if you’ve got the nerve, knock on doors. Pick a territory and own it! Precinct maps are easy to get from the elections division of every town and city.

5. Stand-outs! This is very, very important to counter media propaganda and fake polling that make people think everybody is anti-Trump. And it’s very easy to do. Go to busy street corners at morning and evening rush hours and wave Trump signs and American flags. Have extra signs for volunteers who want to join you. DON’T WAIT TILL ELECTION DAY – DO IT NOW.

6. Ballot Harvesting (the honest and ethical version). Two can play that game. Make sure every shut-in or locked-down pro-Trump person in your circle of influence gets their mail-in ballot into the mail.

7. Election sermons. They once were almost universal in America before elections. Time to revive them. Do the online research for yourself. Then reach out to the pastors and persuade them to revive this tradition.

8. Sabotage the enemy by never letting their lies go unanswered in any public setting. Be bold for the truth and rescue those being led into false perspectives by the deceivers. This is where on-line activism is most helpful – but, again, always assume Big Tech is working non-stop to neutralize whatever you’re doing there in ways you can’t see. Commit most of your efforts to the real world God made, not the virtual one owned by the enemies of truth and right.

9. At minimum, outdo your counterpart on the left. There’s somebody on the other side of this battlefield with your same skill set and resources. Make sure you do more for our side than they are doing for theirs. If you’re free, self-sufficient and mobile go to a “swing state” and do all these things there.

10. Share these ideas on talk radio, social media and other venues to compound your impact.

On Nov. 3 the world is going to change dramatically, and there won’t be any chance for a do-over if we’ve failed to defend what’s left our heritage.

Think about what’s going to happen if the hard left now burning down American cities and cheering it on from the highest seats of media and academia take control of the White House and the Senate. Think about how you’re going to explain that to your children and grandchildren when they ask you why you didn’t try to stop it. Think about what the “Future You” would then decide you would have been willing to do back in August, September and October if only you’d realized how bad it was really going to be.

Now think about how good you’ll feel on Nov. 4 if you’ve earned the right to say, “I helped save my country from disaster!” Please act on THAT hope with all urgency.

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