Over 100,000 Chinese evacuated as floods continue pressuring Three Gorges Dam

By Around the Web

(ZEROHEDGE) – Since early summer, devastating floods have wreaked havoc in southern China due to torrential rains caused by the rainy season, with most of the flooding observed around the Yangtze basin and its tributaries.

Local officials are calling the latest flooding a “once in a century” event, with a typhoon making landfall Wednesday.

China’s largest river, the Yangtze, continues to rise to dangerous levels after another round of rainfall. More than 100,000 people on Tuesday, in the Sichuan province, were evacuated from their homes, reported Reuters.

China Central Television published video footage of a road collapse in southwest China, swallowing 21 vehicles on Wednesday.

The southwest and central regions of the Yangtze river basin have been hit with unusually high levels of rainfall in the last couple of months due to flood season.

The Ministry of Water Resources warned Monday that 38 tributaries along the upper part of the Yangtze were at critical levels.

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