The solution is a revolution, not an election!

By Larry Klayman

As the republic, founded 244 years ago by enlightened Founding Fathers, heads into presidential election this November, there is more than a tendency for the citizenry to drink the Kool-Aid of our politicians and political pundits that one’s choice of whom to vote for will solve the dire ills of the nation. For sure, the United States is in a crisis, the internal proportions of which have never before been experienced, from the ongoing and apparently never-ending COVID-19 pandemic to the deadly violence of radical blacks and radical leftists of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexes and creeds, particularly in major cities.

Then there are the continuing threats from foreign adversaries, the likes of which consist of the Communist China, Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea, to name just a few of our foes who at some point will most likely seek to exploit the current sad state of affairs. There is also the real risk of an accidental nuclear explosion, if not terrorist attacks from those who see our nation on its knees and highly vulnerable.

In this context, both major political parties push the notion that they are the modern-day messiahs, much less Moses, who will deliver We the People from bondage. Indeed, the daily drumbeat – on the cable news networks in particular, who have to offer false hope to keep viewers tuning in – is that the choice of Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president will determine the future of ourselves and our loved ones.

The Donald’s reelections, even if far better than the alternative of Biden, is hardly a lock at this point in time, particularly given the stench of the recent indictment of another of his former confidants, Steve Bannon – rounding out previous indictments and convictions of other lowlifes Trump surrounded himself with. The foul odor of those the president hung around could turn off independent voters. This is coupled with the simple fact that any politician in office will be blamed for the worsening pandemic. And, electing Trump for another four years will not solve the ethical, moral and cultural rot in our body politic.

Indeed, it was one our greatest Founding Fathers and second American president, John Adams, who rightly and wisely declared just days before signing the Declaration of Independence that without ethics, morality and religion, it would not matter how many times we changed our rulers or forms of government, there would not be a lasting liberty.

And as our greatest Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, predicted, the natural evolution of corruption in our society, coupled with an unelected and unaccountable federal judiciary that would not protect the populace from the tyranny of the other two branches of government, but would themselves become despots, leads to a nation that again would be thrust into a revolutionary state where the “blood of patriots” would again have to be shed.

So regardless of whether the country elects Donald Trump or the brain-dead newly born-again and opportunistic radical leftist Joe Biden president this fall, the American people will not have put in the White House their political savior, someone who will, with the stroke of voters’ proverbial pen at the ballot box, then solve all of the nation’s ills.

And that is why I have written my latest book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry,” which will be in the stores on Oct. 27, 2020, and which is now available for pre-order on Amazon and all major bookseller internet sites. The message of this book is that Americans must stop being entertained, turn off the addictive cable networks, get up off the couch and get to work waging a new but this time hopefully peaceful revolution.

I will not give away at this point the concrete proposals I put forth to wage a successful revolution, but suffice it to say that I do not try to push off our fate on the election of Donald Trump for another term. Again, that prospect is far better than the thought of Joe Biden and his hateful vice-presidential pick, Kamala Harris, taking charge. Notwithstanding their socialist if not communist-inspired agenda, their desire is to win office through tearing the nation apart by stoking racial division. This is a fatal recipe for disaster. If you think that I am overstating things, then you did not tune into this week’s Democratic National Convention, where nearly every five minutes whites and particularly white males where accused of being racists against blacks and other minorities in a steady drumbeat of hate speech. To say that the leftist Dems are both disgusting and despicable would be a gross understatement in describing these evil purveyors of actual racism.

But it is time to put all of this aside and for We the People to realize that our politicians and government leaders, promoted by the media particularly on the cable networks, are the problem and not the solution, as former President Ronald Reagan would say. As Reagan also claimed, the second-oldest profession, meaning politicians, have given the oldest profession, meaning prostitutes, a bad name, hence the title of my autobiography, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment!”

Whatever vehicle you may choose to join in a peaceful second American revolution – and I hope that you will join me by enlisting in Freedom Watch’s Justice League at – it will not come by way of your vote in November. Regrettably, the nation is far beyond solving our problems at the ballot box, just as the colonialists could not solve their problems by trying to reason with King George III.

We the People have only one Messiah, and his name is Jesus Christ. And neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden are at His level, to say the least. Now, with His and the Father’s Grace, we must help ourselves before it’s too late for redemption and our civilization goes the way of ancient Rome.

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