Woman doctor who survived Muslim ‘grooming gangs’ estimates victims total 500,000

By WND Staff

A doctor who survived being sexually groomed by gangs in the United Kingdom while a youth estimates there are 500,000 victims like her.

The testimony from Dr. Ella Hill, a pseudonym, was published by the free speech video podcast “Triggernometry,” noted the U.K. charity Christian Concern.

Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern’s head of public policy, explained the problem is that most of the grooming gang perpetrators are Muslims, and politicians and law enforcement officials fear retaliation if they focus on the problem.

Dieppe said Hill’s estimate of “as many as 500,000 predominantly white victims of grooming gangs over the last 40 years” is “believable.”

Her testimony:

He cited a report by the Independent newspaper of London that nearly 19,000 children were identified as victims of sexual exploitation in 2018-19.

“We know that Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, once claimed there could be as many as a million victims. At the very least, over 40 years, across the whole country, in multiple towns, the total number of victims is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands,” he said.

Hill’s face is blurred out in the video because she still feels “threatened and vulnerable,” Dieppe explained.

He defined a “grooming gang crime” as “a racially and religiously aggravated group or network-based rape.”

She said she was targeted during her late teens, some 20 years ago, by a Pakistani Muslim gang in Rotherham.

“She was raped, beaten, tortured, strangled, almost drowned to death, and almost suffocated to death. She was trapped like this for over a year, most of which time she was covered in bruises. The gang threatened to kill her parents and to kill her. She survived an attempted ‘honor killing’ which left her hospitalized for a week. At that point the police advised her parents to move her away, which they did,” Dieppe said.

She repeatedly was referred to derogatorily by names such as “white whore.”

“Her abusers would also claim that they were allowed to abuse her according to Islamic teaching,” Dieppe reported.

She appealed to police multiple times for help, and each time was told there was nothing officers could do.

“This is despite her presenting with bruises and alleging serious crimes against her abusers. She still has visible scars today. Her medical notes record that she stated that her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her,” he said.

Hill explained that her Christian faith gives her a strong belief that you should “love your enemies,” and she supports a charity for Pakistanis.

But the British government still must deal with the issue, he said.

A review commissioned in 2018 described the child grooming gangs as one of the most shocking crimes ever.

But the government refused to publish the report.

Even a petition with 100,000 names failed to spur its release.

“Hill makes clear that she believes that the government was scared that if the report were published then it would provoke anti-Muslim attacks,” Dieppe said.

“We are sacrificing girls on the altar of political correctness.”

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