Judge guilty of groping daughters’ teen friends during massages, beach trips

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By Jake Dima
Daily Caller News Foundation

A Louisiana local judge was convicted Saturday in his own courtroom of four sex crimes against girls as young as 14 years old.

Judge Jeff Perilloux, 53, was found guilty of three felony counts of inappropriate behavior with a juvenile and one count of sexual battery in connection to groping three different teenagers — all of which were closely acquainted with his two daughters, according to Nola.com.

According to court records, the disgraced judge groped a 15-year-old’s breast during a massage, forcefully rubbed sunscreen on a 14-year-old and applied Vick’s VapoRub to the chest area of an underwear-clad girl, 17, the local outlet reported.

The 15-year-old girl also claimed Perilloux touched her stomach and reached his hand into her swimsuit bottom during a family trip to Florida, but the judge was not charged in the case that was reported to Florida authorities, according to Nola.

“Yes, he’s a judge. Yes, he’s got a fancy job. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, hiding in plain sight before you,” Assistant Attorney General Matthew Derbes said during the trial, according to Nola.com. “The truth is that this is a groomer.”

Perilloux, who must now register as a sex offender, invited his two daughters to testify as to his good character, the local outlet reported.

“These are kids who love their dad, worship their dad,” Derbes said, according to Nola. “Shame on him for dragging his kids into this. They’ve suffered enough.”

The disgraced judge has been suspended for two years pending the verdict of the criminal case, and he has yet to withdraw his bid for re-election, Nola reported. His sentencing has been delayed until mid October, according to the local outlet.

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