Just like our jobs, Biden would surrender space to China

By Curtis Ellis

Joe Biden’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party are well-known and longstanding.

Biden rewarded the People’s Republic of China with most-favored-nation trade status, claiming “it is in our interest for China to prosper” while American jobs and industries were decimated.

We saw precisely what Biden meant by “our interest” when his son Hunter struck sweetheart deals with CCP-controlled entities, Beijing’s tried and true method for buying off politicians and opinion leaders here and abroad.

Biden also enabled CCP-controlled companies to raise billions in American securities markets without complying with American accounting and disclosure rules.

Putting private gain before national interest, Biden’s national security adviser then and now, Antony Blinken, refused the asylum request of a high-ranking CCP defector for fear it would upset a business deal between a Hollywood studio head and Beijing. Since then, Hollywood has slavishly kowtowed to the CCP – and reliably donated to Joe.

Having delivered Detroit, Wall Street and Hollywood to the People’s Republic of China, Joe Biden would surrender the high ground of space.

Charles Bolden, the former Obama-Biden NASA administrator and an adviser to the Biden campaign, tells us a Biden administration would have NASA focus on diversity rather than science, destroy American jobs via the Green New Deal and give away our national security in deep space.

President Trump insists NASA stick to its core mission, purging it of the destructive distraction on diversity as Obama-Biden mandated.

Meanwhile, Bolden insists on telling Biden that instead of having the most qualified person head NASA, “it’s critical to have a woman.”

What’s critical is we return to deep space on our own rockets, ensuring our national security against rivals such as China and Russia. Biden would cut funding and rely exclusively on the private space efforts of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk who carry water for China. Musk is currently suing to overturn the tariffs President Trump has imposed on China’s predatorily priced exports to America.

Importantly, Bolden says under Biden NASA will focus on promoting the Green New Deal.

While President Trump is determined to return to the moon and build a permanent manned base as the jumping-off point for a mission to Mars, Biden would have NASA focus on Earth, Bolden tells us, studying our planet and its weather from space, part of the job- and industry-killing Green New Deal crusade that would throttle the American economy in the name of climate change pseudo-science.

To be clear: Harnessed to Biden’s Green New Deal folly, NASA would be reduced to launching eyes in the sky to watch what happens as China builds a new coal-fired power plant every week.

So, who is basement-dwelling Joe’s space man? Just like Biden, Charles Bolden is from the “we should cooperate with China” camp.

The former NASA administrator tells CCP house organ China Daily the congressional ban on funding space missions with China – known as the Wolf Amendment to NASA appropriations bills – is a “significant legal constraint” and “hindrance” that should be relaxed or reversed.

“If this [Trump] administration went to the Congress and said, ‘Look, we want to relax the stipulations on the Wolf Amendment’ or ‘We want to eliminate the Wolf Amendment,’ it could get passed in a heartbeat, and that would remove the restriction and we’d be able to collaborate in human spaceflight,” Bolden enthused to Red Chinese scribes last year.

As the head of the space agency from 2009 to 2017, Bolden worked with the former vice president.

Now, he has endorsed Biden, and the campaign features Bolden on press calls as its in-house space expert.

You can be sure Charles Bolden speaks for Joe Biden, to the extent Joe Biden is aware of what anyone is saying.

Here’s something else you can be sure of: Should Joe Biden win the White House, he and his advisers will surrender the high ground of space to Communist China the same way they surrendered our jobs, industries and media to Communist China.

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