Man trying to rob taxi driver shot with his own gun

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(FOX NEWS) — An Oregon man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly tried to rob a cab driver at gunpoint before getting shot by his own firearm, investigators said.

Josiah Johnson, 18, was picked up by the cab driver in Gresham, Ore., and asked to be driven to Aloha, about 25 miles away. The driver asked the passenger to provide his phone as collateral due to the long drive, police said. When they arrived at the destination, the driver said Johnson tried to pay with a $100 bill, which he immediately recognized was fake, according to the police.

Johnson allegedly pulled a gun out and pointed it at the back of the cab driver’s head while yelling at the driver who wasn’t able to understand him. The unidentified cabbie then saw an opportunity to grab the gun from Johnson, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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