Rush Limbaugh: Trump’s aim not ‘unity’ but ‘overwhelming’ defeat of left

By WND Staff

Rush Limbaugh (Video screenshot courtesy

“Overwhelming” defeat of the left should be President Trump’s objective at the moment rather than national “unity,” contends ralk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

He highlighted to his listeners Thursday a focus group in which a woman who said she had voted for Trump in 2016 doubted she would do the same in 2020.

It was because Trump “has not brought the people [of] the country together.”

That, Limbaugh said, is not going to happen any time soon.

“Now, I happen to be aware of Trump’s personal desire to be able to unify the country, but I’m also aware that he is well aware now that it’s beyond his abilities right now,” he said.

Limbaugh explained that from the president’s perspective,  “his opposition has to be defeated.”

“It’s too late to try to find a way to get along with these people. Maybe that can come later. But right now, they have to be defeated,” he said. “They have to be overwhelmingly defeated. These people are gonna have to be defeated in a massive landslide. The landslide is going to have to be huge.”

Limbaugh pointed out that Trump, in fact, was “elected as an outsider” to “drain the swamp.”

“Everybody knew that was not gonna be pretty. The swamp’s just not gonna sit there and let themselves be drained,” he said. “They’re not just gonna watch themselves go down the drain with the Drano and not put up a stink about it. The idea that somehow? See, this is why I don’t believe that that woman actually thinks that was Trump’s objective.

“‘Bipartisanship.’ Bipartisanship? The only way that’s ever gonna happen is if we cave on our core beliefs. They’re not going to, and the left isn’t even interested in bipartisanship. The left doesn’t even believe in opposition. Their objective is to eliminate it and to wipe it out, and it ought to be ours. In a political sense, it damn well ought to be ours.”

Limbaugh said the reality is that the left wants to “permanently transform this country away from its founding principles.”

“And as I say, there’s just one guy standing in the way of them succeeding at this, and that’s Trump.”

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