Undercover journalist turns the tables, sues Planned Parenthood for defamation

By WND Staff

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is being sued by the undercover journalist who produced a series of videos exposing the sale of baby body parts by abortionists.

The Thomas More Society is representing David Daleiden in a defamation suit filed this week in federal district court in New York.

Daleiden, Thomas More said, “is taking the abortion giant to task for telling the media that he and The Center for Medical Progress ‘manufacture[d]’ and ‘created’ a ‘false smear campaign’ by releasing videos showing clear evidence of high-level Planned Parenthood officials candidly discussing the PPFA network’s participation in illegal harvesting and selling of aborted fetal body parts.”

The legal team contends PPFA’s statements “are provably false and betray their own admissions about the veracity of the videos.”

Daleiden has been in the crosshairs of Planned Parenthood since the release in his videos in 2015, which led to congressional investigations.

Several companies that had been doing business with Planned Parenthood reached an agreement with prosecutors in California, paying millions of dollars in penalties. The investigations and lawsuits also led to the severing of services to Planned Parenthood by their one-time biowaste disposal company, Stericycle.

“Court testimony in lawsuits and hearings related to Daleiden’s investigation revealed shocking details about the lengths to which abortion providers are willing to go to make a profit off of the babies they abort,” Thomas More said.

Daleiden’s lawsuit charges that Planned Parenthood, in its legal actions and public statements, has issued a steady stream of “misleading claims” and a “disingenuous narrative.”

However, the abortionists have “scrupulously avoided putting the veracity of Daleiden’s videos on trial in a court of law, where it has even stipulated that the words used by Planned Parenthood officials in the videos indeed ‘were spoken by those persons.'”

But in the “court of public opinion,” the complaint says, it has “manufactured” claims that are “clearly false and actionable.”

Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, said Planned Parenthood “is not content to make obscene financial profit by killing off America’s next generation and endangering pregnant women.”

“Additionally, they feel that they must obliterate the reputation of anyone who dares to challenge them and suggest that what they are doing is not the great philanthropic work that they pretend it is. Planned Parenthood’s very existence is an anathema to America’s pursuit of the most basic of human rights and they know it. We have not been surprised over their campaign to smear the reputation of Mr. Daleiden, but they are not allowed to falsely besmirch his reputation for exposing the truth.”

The lawsuit targets a “false statement” from Planned Parenthood Federation of America spokeswoman Melanie Newman on Sept. 18, 2019, in which she told Rewire News Daleiden “manufacture[d] a fake smear campaign.”

The suit seeks at least $75,000.

Newman maintained in a statement to Fox News that the allegations came from a “discredited source.”

Prosecutors in California whose campaigns accepted donations from Planned Parenthood also have charged Daleiden with violating privacy laws there by recording conversations in public locations such as restaurants.

Daleiden argues that “omitting a defamation charge indicated that Planned Parenthood had no justification for accusing him of lying in his videos,” Fox News said.

A company of Democratic operatives, Fusion GPS, which was involved the infamous “Steele dossier” scandal, has claimed that the videos were deceptively edited, but a federal judge found that to be untrue.

Daleiden is pursuing a similar defamation claim in Colorado against one of PPFA’s former doctors.

Here are two of the videos released by CMP:

See a CMP video about Planned Parenthood skirting federal law:

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