Analyst who nailed 2016: President is ‘going to absolutely crush the election’

By WND Staff

President Donald J. Trump is joined by members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation as he walks across the tarmac after disembarking Air Force One at Harrisburg International Airport in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, where they were greeted by guests and supporters. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

A pundit who correctly predicted how each state would vote in the 2016 presidential election, with the exception of one district in Maine, believes Donald Trump will collect even more Electoral College votes in November than he did four years ago.

“A #Trumpslide if you will,” Kevin McCullough writes at Townhall.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out McCullough, who hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, has correctly predicted election maps since 2006.

McCullough forecasts 333 electoral votes for Trump and 208 for Joe Biden.

“Biden wins Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Illinois. He wins Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and – not, New Hampshire. Not New Hampshire. Vermont,” Limbaugh said.

“And everything else on this map is red.”

McCullough said nothing the Democrats have tried against Trump has worked, “Russia Hoax, Impeachment Farce, Lockdown Lies, Evaporative Economic Policies, Debate Blowups, and Covid Contraction.”

“They’ve even floated the 25th Amendment, which I only thought really bitter and nasty Never Trumpers would ever embrace.”

Trump will, he writes, “absolutely crush the election that day.”

“Now the ‘smart people’ will tell you that’s not possible, and that he lags Joe Biden in the polls by margins too big to overcome. If you only look at the selective polls listed in the Real Clear Politics average one might come to that conclusion (Just like they did in 2016). … To be exceedingly clear – I find no evidence of a Biden win outside of the media polls.”

He notes that while Biden “has trouble getting more than a dozen to show up at a tour stop in Yuma,” Trump is drawing massive crowds, even while in the hospital.”

“Is it significant that Candace Owens led a ‘Back the Blue’ march through DC and to the White House yesterday consisting of thousands of African American voters? Is it important that President Trump received them? Does it seem to make an impact that President Trump oversaw the fastest job creation for Black Americans with the fastest growth in wages among the poorest Black Americans in the modern era? Evidently it does because he’s currently enjoying (what I perceive to be understated) support anywhere from 18 to 25 percent of Black Americans. When narrowed down to Black men he’s consistently in the low to mid-30s percentage wise. The modern era high for a GOP president is 11 percent. Democrat’s consistently need 90 to 95 percent support of Black voters to win. If Trump gets anything above 11 percent he wins big. If he takes 20 percent or more it starts to reshape states like Pennsylvania where he runs up the score in the west and enjoys enough Black support around Philadelphia so as to win the state convincingly. Carbon copy that for Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, etc.”

He points out that Biden also is losing Hispanic voters, and Trump has spent his entire term keeping his promises.

“By my count 127 promises later he’s still not finished.”

And then there’s the economy, which Trump built into “the fastest growing economy the world had ever seen.”

“On November 3rd, President Trump won’t just win, he will break records, shift turn out patterns, and crush his way to the biggest re-election victory since Ronald Reagan.”

Limbaugh said that when the Biden-Harris bus “rolls in and six people sit in a gym in big circles drawn on the floor, the media will ignore the contrast of 40,000 supporters on a rainy tarmac in Minnesota.”

“But this election won’t be decided by the pundits, Never Trumpers, and swamp monsters,” he noted.

Limbaugh pointed to Gallup polling showing Trump is regarded “as a strong and decisive leader,” which are “two pretty important big deals.”

Recent polls have had Biden up from eight to 12 points.

“Biden in a landslide. And then there was this little segment of the Gallup poll where they have been doing since 1996, they asked their respondents who they think their neighbors are gonna vote for. Since 1996, Gallup has not been wrong. Their respondents have predicted the winner of the presidential election in this aspect of the survey since 1996.”

He said 56% of those respondents believe Trump is going to win.

An American Spectator report said: “Most of the national polls portend defeat for President Trump in November. At the time of this writing the RealClearPolitics average shows him behind his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, by nearly 10 points. This lead emboldened Biden to tell a group of supporters on Saturday that the only way he could lose was through polling place ‘chicanery.’ Why, then, do most Americans believe Trump will win? Survey after survey has found that, regardless of which candidate they support, a majority of respondents predict a Trump victory.”

Limbaugh said: “I think that the underlying, if you will, data or evidence that there is all kinds of unregistered support for Donald Trump is there in droves. Let’s face it. Most of the national polls portend defeat, big time, for Trump in November.”

But he pointed out that, to the music of a Mariachi band at a recent campaign event, Biden was speaking to about 10 people.

“I have never heard a crowd roar at a Joe Biden event. I’ve never heard any kind of loud applause after he makes a statement,” Limbaugh said.

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