The Chinese Communists are running Silicon Valley

By Curtis Ellis

Well, now we know why Big Tech suppresses stories unfavorable to Beijing’s chosen candidate Joe Biden while simultaneously giving Chinese Communist Party propaganda a megaphone.

It turns out citizens of the People’s Republic of China run Facebook’s Department of Censorship.

The New York Post reports the Facebook “Hate-Speech Engineering” (yes, they really call it that) team includes at least half a dozen foreign nationals recruited from Communist China. This is the crew that is smothering the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“The Hate-Speech Engineering team’s staff includes a research scientist based at the Seattle office who earned his master’s degree in computer engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing,” the New York Post reports.

Other team members come from Jilin University in northeast China, Nanjing University in eastern China and the Communist Party-backed conglomerate Huawei.

These computer engineers are building and deploying artificial intelligence algorithms to smother wrongthink in your news feed, an insidious form of censorship that doesn’t tell you your news has been scrubbed.

Their algorithms likely are right now burying the intelligence report based on public sources (not the laptop from hell) that shows high-ranking Chinese Communist government officials showered the Biden family with hundreds of millions of dollars. Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont (BHR) investment partnership was set up by People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions. BHR is a state-managed operation with direct ties to the Politburo.

At one time, foreigners were not allowed to own U.S. radio or television stations lest they use the mass media to influence American public opinion. Now, foreigners who have no understanding of traditional American values of free speech are imposing the values of the regimented, collectivist society where they were raised and educated on Americans. They are remaking American society according to the Chinese Communist Party’s ideal, one that prizes social conformity and obedience to authority above all else.

We know this only because of leaks by a former Facebook employee. If not for an outraged whistleblower we would not know citizens of a Communist totalitarianism state are shaping the discourse surrounding American politics and this election.

Mark Zuckerberg, the man who imagines himself Caesar Augustus, is paying them to do it.

Internal company documents released by Project Veritas also reveal Facebook has a policy of hiring H-1B workers instead of Americans, and Chinese and Korean visa workers over other visa workers.

“When hiring for HR positions, it’s important to prioritize H-1B visa workers, and this will stimulate the process of diversification of the workplace,” says the leaked March 2020 document. The memo says “priority may be given to H-1B applicants from China and Korea to foster larger communities of diverse workers at Facebook.” As Ronald Reagan said, personnel is policy.

“Promoting diversity” is really just a fig leaf to cover the Zuck’s true motivation: Cheap foreign H1B labor slashes Facebook payroll costs.

And just as Beijing exploits Silicon Valley’s addiction to cheap H1B labor, the Valley’s commitment to globalism also makes it an unwitting dupe of the CCP.

Beijing now presents itself as the defender of globalization against President Trump’s national economic policies. But Beijing’s Marxist rulers are using the ideology and institutions of globalism as a Trojan horse to defeat the U.S. and Western industrial democracies.

A little history: In ancient times the Chinese emperor kept massive cauldrons as symbols of his authority. When a dynasty changed and power shifted, the cauldrons were moved. A rival who asked how much the emperor’s cauldrons weighed tipped his hand that he planned to challenge the ruler. In 1995, Beijing gifted the United Nations an ancient cauldron “Dedicated to the 21st Century.” It revealed its strategy – and violated the Chinese proverb “never ask the weight of the emperor’s cauldrons.”

The tech giants subscribe to the idea of “global citizenship” with religious fervor; they don’t see themselves as American, but as global corporations. On the micro level, Google/Facebook/Twitter made the World Health Organization the arbiter of righthink on China virus. It might be worth asking if any Chinese nationals were involved in that decision considering the CCP bought and paid for the WHO.

We have long worried that Communist China’s digital totalitarianism – a system in which the government uses a Big Data “social credit score” to determine where you work, where you live and whether you can board an airplane – could someday be imposed on Americans.

Now we see it is worse than that: Thanks to Facebook, the Chinese Communist Party is using Americans as lab rats to perfect the AI techno-surveillance-censorship apparatus it plans to export throughout the world.

Trump adviser Peter Navarro delivered an important address, what he dubs “the useful idiot speech,” detailing the breadth and depth of the CCP’s influence in America.

Now we know the idiots most useful to the Chinese Communist Party are in Silicon Valley. The tech lords have onboarded the operating system of Beijing’s totalitarian collectivism, exalting social conformity and central control over free speech and free thought, and globalism over American nationhood.

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