Evangelicals: Vote for God’s choice, not man’s choice

By Craige McMillan

There were probably other clues that the churches missed, but abortion on demand was a red flag signaling the storm ahead for the boomer generation, as we grew up. RBG, as with so much evil in our world today, cast her vote that unborn children weren’t children, and therefore were not entitled to the protection of the law afforded all other human beings. Maybe her acute legal mind thought they were chickens, not people.

Seeker-friendly churches were quick to ignore the issue, because their pastors knew that half of their congregations supported abortion on demand, just in case their daughters had a weak moment.

If you’d like to move a nation out of God’s favor and into Satan’s column, just establish a “legal” right to kill children for the parents’ convenience any time from conception up through birth.

Universities and research facilities were happy, though. They had a supply of human tissue upon which to experiment. The abortion industry was happy, because they could sell the product. The Democrats were happy, because abortion was a slap in the face to God, who anyhow didn’t really exist, because we all evolved from pond scum, Christians included (or maybe especially).

Sixty-plus million abortions on, blacks realized that they were the biggest target market for abortion mills. The bulk of civilized American society, a half-dozen people living in isolation in Deplorable-land, finally began to have doubts about aborting a baby at birth and selling it for live medical experimentation.

It wasn’t that families didn’t try to raise their children to respect life, it was that the schools became infested with ideologies that characterized men and women as accidents of evolution. That being the case, what was the problem with ridding yourself of the person growing inside you, because the pregnancy was inconvenient? Aren’t we all just accidents of evolution? “Come on, man!”

Democrats realized early on that the breakdown in family life would increase the number of broken, nonfunctional people in America. They billed themselves as the party of compassion. Public money, distributed by the state, would of course be necessary to rectify the problem of broken families. Churches put up a fuss, but half the congregation still voted for Democrats. Yes, the Democrats were godless, but they were so compassionate! Besides, the Democrats were willing to use public money to fix social problems, relieving the church of spending their tithes and offerings to help other people in the community. It was more important to evangelize people in other nations, while America went to hell.

It took everyone, and especially the Christian church, a good long while to learn that the Democrats weren’t just secular, but their leaders were treading into the occult. Instead of declaring war, the churches took refuge inside themselves. They reversed the meaning of Jesus’ words when he said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” The churches hid in their buildings, muttering about the end times and reading “Left Behind” instead of the Bible. The nation around them became more aligned with hell than heaven.

Insane amounts of money began to enter American elections. Most of us thought it was about ideology. Little did we know that increasing numbers of incumbent politicians were on the take. Even fewer of us realized that some of them had aligned themselves with our economic and political enemies.

Big media, of course, having endless amounts of money and journalists, exposed all this. Oh, that’s the way it was supposed to work. What actually happened is that the media covered up the political corruption. “Nothing to see here; move along.” Government anti-trust action protected us from the consolidation of media power, as the number of outlets went from over a hundred to six behemoths. Oh, you’re right. That didn’t happen. I wonder why all those mergers were approved then?

Anybody with eyes to see knows that the globalist whores had nearly destroyed America since they took over both political parties. Trump rebranded the Republican Party in 2016. When he started it was half the globalist cartel, in bed with all those self-identified elites who wanted to run the world for their own benefit. In 2020 Trump is rebranding the Democratic Party as the corruptocrats, who never met a dictator or tyrant they didn’t like … provided he had sufficient money to spread around to “the family.”

Just like 2016 this election comes down to evangelical Christians. You know, the ones who don’t like the way Trump tweets, even though he did move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something the foreign-policy globalists have cautioned against for decades. Maybe a roughshod tweet here and there is a reasonable cost to bear for doing God’s bidding in international affairs?

The electoral field is like any other battlefield: It is what it is; deal with it. If Trump has been busy destroying Israel and starting endless wars in the Middle East to keep the industrial complex happy, then vote for the Democrats. At least some of them will get rich from the effort, although I doubt they will thank you for it.

If you appreciate seeing God’s agenda advanced in the world, then vote for the Republicans and reelect Trump. There is every indication the rest of us who aren’t corruptocrats will see our fortunes rise in a second Trump term, based on hard work and fresh ideas.

The election really is in your hands, evangelicals. If you still don’t like Trump’s tweets when you go into the voting booth, take a moment to ask God what he thinks about them. If God tells you he can live with the tweets for the good that Trump is doing in the world, then give him another four years.

Armageddon, the real story.

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