James Dobson calls out Biden’s ‘lunacy’ on transgenderism

By Bob Unruh

Joe Biden at the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. (C-SPAN video screenshot)

James Dobson, the founder of the James Dobson Family Institute and the host of the “Family Talk” radio program, is calling out Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his “lunacy” regarding transgenderism.

Biden recently supported the idea of a young boy becoming a young girl.

“Where is the outrage in response to this lunacy? Joe Biden appears to be under the very mistaken impression that teaching our children the truth about biological reality constitutes discrimination,” he wrote on his website. “He couldn’t be more wrong, and his distorted view is equally alarming. Indeed, world-renowned Swedish psychiatrist Dr. Christopher Gillberg has said that pediatric transition is ‘possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history.'”

Dobson said that leading children “down a path toward social and medical ‘transition’ is not compassionate—it’s an act of cruelty! ”

“Puberty blockers are administered to pre-pubescent children to prevent them from experiencing puberty,” he said. “If a child doesn’t go through this natural stage of development, he or she will likely be sterile for life, a medical fact that many gender clinics expressly admit. This evil practice must be stopped!”

Dobson said “experimenting on our children doesn’t help them—it harms them for a lifetime.”

“And contrary to Joe Biden’s claims, teaching kids the differences between boys and girls is not restrictive; it’s reality. There is a portion of our society that wants to eliminate—or deny—any differences between men and women. This is wrong! We were made in God’s own image—male and female (Genesis 1:27). We should celebrate—not deny—these differences. Men and women each contribute immeasurably to the human race, to marriage, to family and to culture. Why would we deny these realities?”

He said Biden “may not be willing to stand up for children and for truth, but I am! Are you?”

Biden made the comment in an ABC townhall when he responded to the mother of a “transgender daughter.”

He promised to eliminate any executive orders that “discriminate” against transgendered people and promised to make it possible for young children to change their gender.

The question came from Mieke Haeck, who described being the “proud mom” of two girls, 8 and 10.

“My youngest daughter is transgender,” she said.

She charged that the Trump administration has “attacked” transgenders by banning them from the military and more.

She asked Biden what he would do.

“I will flatout just change the law, eliminate those executive orders, number one,” the Democratic presidential nominee said.

USA Today last month assembled a list of cases through which transgender activists and others are using a recent Supreme Court decision to establish special rights.

In June, the Supreme Court redefined “sex” in the 1964 federal law banning employment discrimination, granting gay, lesbian and transgender workers protection.

It’s already having a ripple effect, as Justice Samuel Alito predicted.

Alito charged that the majority in the Bostock decision exceeded its role as the interpreter of the Constitution.

“There is only one word for what the court has done today: legislation,” he wrote.

He pointed out that the body responsible for legislation, the Congress, has proposed such measures but they have failed.

“The document that the court releases is in the form of a judicial opinion interpreting a statute, but that is deceptive,” he wrote. “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination on any of five specified grounds: ‘race, color, religion, sex, [and] national origin.’ … Neither ‘sexual orientation nor ‘gender identity’ appears on that list. For the past 45 years, bills have been introduced in Congress to add ‘sexual orientation’ to the list, and in recent years, bill have included ‘gender identity’ as well. But to date, none has passed.”

He also warned the decision was guaranteed to “have far-reaching consequences.”

They include allowing boys who say they’re girls to compete with biological girls in athletic competitions, and girls who say they’re boys to use boys’ showers.

“We will not be able to avoid those issues for long,” Alito said. “The entire federal judiciary will be mired for years in disputes about the reach of the court’s reasoning.”

Already, USA Today reported, federal judges from New York to Florida to Idaho have cited the Supreme Court’s ruling to justify expanding transgender rights beyond the workplace.

Dobson has dedicated his career as a psychologist, Christian leader and broadcaster to “preserving the biblical institutions of marriage and family by encouraging, inspiring, supporting, and leading parents and children to build their lives on God’s Word.” His radio broadcasts are heard weekdays on more than 1,300 radio outlets. He’s written 71 books on the family, and he’s advised five U.S. presidents on family issues. Along with an earned Ph.D., he holds 17 honorary doctoral degrees.

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