Joe Biden needs a new nickname: Here are 16 options

By Michael Master

“Sleepy Joe” might be an obsolete nickname for Joe Biden. Other nicknames seem more appropriate now with all the new information that’s being discovered about him.

Joe plagiarized in law school when he submitted someone else’s paper as his own and again during his 1988 presidential campaign. And his “buy American, and hire Americans” push is clearly plagiarizing President Trump’s “America First” theme.

So how about “Joe the plagiarist” as a new nickname for Biden, or better yet, “Cheatin’ Joe”?

President Trump was impeached by Democrats for supposed abuse of power for asking Ukraine to investigate the link between Joe Biden and Burisma. The newly discovered emails of Hunter Biden show that Trump was justified in his request. The FBI had those emails since August 2019 – long before the impeachment hearings – and hid them.

Biden threatened to hold a billion-dollar payment from Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired. Quid pro quo. Abuse of power. If the FBI had shared those emails of Hunter with America, then the impeachment process would have collapsed. The emails show that Joe lied about never meeting anyone from Burisma and about having no knowledge of his son’s role with the Ukrainian company.

So, from this we get three possible nicknames: “Burisma Joe,” “Lyin’ Biden” or “Quid pro quo Joe.”

Those emails also point out how Hunter got a $1.5 billion investment from China. A billion and a half dollars! Joe ignored China exploiting the U.S. and harming our manufacturing, jobs and trade. He tried to stop Trump from banning travelers from China when the China virus hit the United States and even called Trump xenophobic.

So, how about “China Joe”?

Hunter also got a personal payment of more than $3 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Joe came out against fracking as America’s fracking hurt Putin and Russia. The U.S. became oil/energy independent under Trump for the first time since Eisenhower, which dropped oil prices from $70/barrel to $40 and cost Putin one-third of his net worth.

Does “Russia Joe” fit? Or how about “Putin’s Joe?”

And those emails point out that a portion of payments went to the “big guy” – so there’s “Kick-back Joe.”

Look at the donors to Biden. Mike Bloomberg, with more than a hundred million. George Soros, with a quarter billion. And tons of money from Wall Street globalists. Those are not exactly the poor liberals Democrats claim to be. And, of course, those filthy-rich globalists now own Biden.

We could try “Joe the ho.” But “ho” is reserved for “Kamala the Ho.” She accused Joe of being a rapist, a racist and a misogynist before accepting the VP offer from Joe. It appears that she will do anything for personal gain. So Kamala gets “Ho” all to herself. Joe gets “Globalist Joe.”

Joe Biden spent 47 years in government. No private enterprise experience. None. And he is a lawyer. No economic experience. He knows nothing about how our capitalistic economy works. He is part of the deep state – which is probably why the FBI tried to hide these emails about him. Nothing accomplished in 47 years except being part of the deep state cabal that spied on Trump.

Hmm. How about “Deep State Joe”?” Or “Nothing done Joe”?

Joe wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts, thereby increasing taxes on corporations and all Americans. He’d increase taxes on capital gains and dividends. He wants to spend trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal. He would reverse the economic results of Trump that increased average wages more in one year than Obama/Biden achieved in eight years.

“Tax and spend Biden.”

And Biden refuses to condemn Antifa, or to support the police against the false accusations of Black Lives Matter, or to stop the Cancel Culture, or to acknowledge the increasing violent crime rates in cities controlled by Democrats. Joe practices the race division identity politics of the left with “you ain’t black (if you vote for Trump).”

So would that be “Biden the divider” or “Race bating Joe?”

Finally, Joe abandoned his Catholic upbringing. He’s for abortion and against religious freedom. God was removed from the Democratic Platform. Will he pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed? Joe is Catholic In Name Only … “CINO Joe.”

OK, these are the candidates to replace “Sleepy Joe” as a nickname for Biden. Cast your vote. Multiple picks are allowed:

Joe the plagiarist.

Cheatin’ Joe.

Burisma Joe.

Lyin’ Biden.

Quid pro quo Joe.

China Joe.

Russia Joe.

Putin’s Joe.

Kick-back Joe.

Globalist Joe.

Deep State Joe.

Nothing done Joe.

Tax and spend Biden.

Biden the Divider.

Race bating Joe.


From my very unscientific poll, but better than those current media polls about the election, “Lyin’ Biden” is leading with 76%, and “China Joe” is not far behind it. So what are your favorites? Vote. “Come on man,” vote for your favorites. And then vote for Trump/Pence on Nov 3 to make America great again … again.

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