My warning against a Biden/Harris victory

By Larry Tomczak

Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, began his famous sermon “The Warning Neglected” by quoting Ezekiel 33:5. “He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him.” I offer you this commentary praying you will heed this warning and pass it along to all you can.

Growing up my parents taught me that consequences are real and they really happen – immediately or eventually. Elections have consequences – so what are the realities with a Biden/Harris win?

With 170 million registered voters, do you honestly believe even half understand what would unfold with a Democratic victory? It would greatly affect you, your family, savings, church, job, plans and entire way of life.

Taking Warnings Seriously

After warning people, is it ever appropriate to humbly say, “I told you so”?

In Acts 27, Paul and 276 shipmates were on their way to Rome when they encountered ominous weather. The apostle “warned them. ‘Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous … and to our own lives also'” (Acts 27:9-10).

Paul’s warning was ignored, and subsequently they faced a horrendous “hurricane” and a “violent battering” that “continued raging; we finally gave up all hope of being saved” (v. 14, 18, 20).

The 14 day apocalyptic nightmare drove Paul to finally stand up and tell them: “Men you should have taken my advice … then you would have spared yourselves this damage and loss” (Acts 27:21).

In 1973, while residing in Washington, D.C., God commissioned me as a “watchman” to “warn” Christians of impending evil. If people ignore the warning, they suffer; but I’m off the hook. If they listen, we both are off the hook and benefit greatly (Ezekiel 3:17-19). We had just been blindsided by the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion/child killing on demand. I communicated with every U.S. senator, but it was too late – and today we live with the consequences of 61 million dead babies.

For almost 47 years, the same amount of time as Joe Biden’s tenure in politics, I’ve served with Intercessors for America stewarding my God-given assignment. In the last decade I, along with others, alerted people to the cultural destruction of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” and his work to legalize gay marriage. It cost me my ministry position, salary and benefits when I was terminated for what a leader labeled a “dealbreaker.” My wife declared, “Praise God! We’re free!”

Biden/Harris Warning

The father of our country, George Washington, warned us: “An uninformed populace is easily enslaved.”

The Bible specifically directs us to “expose” evil in our midst (Ephesians 5:11), not pretend it doesn’t exist or will go away if we ignore it. We’re called to be “salt” preserving society from decay.

A Democratic victory in the White House, Senate and House would bring cataclysmic, life-altering changes so serious that America would never be the same. I’m not like the 10 spies who only saw the giants in the land and caved in cowardice, but rather like Caleb and Joshua who saw the same things but put their trust in God to stay strong and victorious. The following points are taken from the Democratic platform, policy pledges and political campaign promises.

1. A Biden/Harris victory represents a clear and present danger to our American way of life.

Their vision is a clear-cut rejection of America as basically GOOD, founded upon biblical principles honoring God, revering faith, freedom and family. They portray America as systemically BAD, requiring fundamental transformation/revolution to purge rampant racism, social injustice, exploitation, past slavery and white supremacy. “It’s time for a radical, leftist, ‘progressive’ vision promoting destruction of the old, paving the way for a utopian socialist society!”

2. Biden would be a weak, unhealthy “puppet” president manipulated by leftist Democratic leadership.

Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic but is a staunch supporter of abortion and multiple policies dramatically anti-Catholic, which makes him dishonest and a hypocrite. He is a temporary “placeholder,” nearly 78 with two life-threatening brain surgeries and, seemingly, worsening dementia. Former White House correspondent Brit Hume observes, “Joe Biden’s senility has been obvious to careful watchers for some time.” Campaign operatives have kept him basically “out of sight” to “run out the clock” for the most liberal senator in the Senate, San Francisco’s Kamala Harris, more liberal than socialists Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren! She’s also dishonest, pretending to be African American when her parents are Jamaican and Indian! She’s repeatedly opposed “due process” to destroy peoples’ careers and reputations, e.g. Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

3. The Biden/Harris ticket assures expansion of abortion, taxpayer funding and support for legal infanticide

Repealing the Hyde Amendment (prohibits taxpayer money for abortions) is their goal. Ms. Harris worked with Planned Parenthood in California to persecute David Daleiden for exposing the abortion provider for the sale of baby body parts. Joe and Kamala are radically committed to remove all restrictions on abortion plus reinstate all funding for Planned Parenthood and global abortion programs.

Understand this: The U.S. Supreme Court is the key to their radical transformation of America! Democrats put on the table changing the150-year precedent of having nine Supreme Court justices to add several liberals, enabling the blocking of conservative/constitutional rulings for decades.

4. Like Obama, a Biden administration increases restrictions on conscience, religious freedom and ensures government hostility toward Christians.

In recent years, we’ve experienced horrible corruption in media, activists posing as journalists and aggressive suppression of free speech (in universities, schools, churches and businesses). “Hate speech,” “racist,” “homophobic” labels guarantee cancel culture tactics to crush careers. Facebook, Google and Twitter are ramping up censorship of conservative opinions. The mainstream media skew stories and mislead millions.

When Biden enriched himself and son Hunter by money laundering millions NPR ignored the news as “a waste of time” and “60 Minutes” as “unverifiable.” Yet they pounded the president for over two years on the totally bogus Russian collusion hoax.

“You can’t have a free country without a free press. But you can’t have a free country without a fair press.” – Roger Ailes, Fox News founder

5. Joe and Kamala’s San Francisco/Nancy Pelosi style politics insures continued redefinition of sexuality and gender based on fluidity, causing more confusion and destroying marriages and families.

The Democrats’ proposed “Equality Act” (Biden pledged to pass on Day 1) disregards biology and levels fines for “discrimination and violation of civil rights” if churches, schools, businesses, athletic programs and prisons fail to comply with reshaping society to accommodate the radical LGBTQ agenda dealing with gender identification and sexual orientation. The legislation punishes churches and guarantees transgender bathrooms and unfair participation in sporting events by transgenders. Think of your daughter training for years only to have her dreams dashed by a transgender competitor saying he is really a she!

6. The Biden tax plan insures tax increases on corporations and individuals to underwrite massive socialist entitlement programs, gut your savings and guarantees an inevitable economic crash.

Candidate Joe pledged to immediately eliminate the Trump tax cuts that gave us the most robust economy and lowest unemployment in over 50 years (especially prospering blacks and Hispanics). His tax plan raises corporate tax 7% and our personal taxes through “creative” ways – wealth tax, death tax, capital gains, Social Security. After all, “free” universal health care, college tuition, chil dcare and full medical care for all 12-15 million illegal immigrants, their spouses and families (June 27, 2019 pledge) has to be paid for!

Presently, wealthier people are leaving Democrat-run states with their exorbitant taxes (e.g. New York is watching 1 million depart, many with 50-60% tax obligation); corporations will move overseas, reduce research/development and cut hiring. Recession will hit by summer; your 401(k)s drop 50%; our economy crashes! THIS IS ECONOMICS 101.

Having achieved energy independence and incredibly low gasoline prices under President Trump, Biden pledged to “shut down the oil industry by 2035,” moving the U.S. to solar and wind power and adding $93 trillion more over 10 years (Green New Deal) to our already $30 trillion debt! Avowed socialist and former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Biden’s cheerleader, but the GND translates to a $600,000 cost for every household.

7. Additional far-left Democratic “progressive” plans that would advance an apocalyptic judgment for America.

• More lawlessness, anarchy and mob violence financed by wealthy anti-American donors and dismissed as “peaceful protests” in order to dismantle our “systemically racist” society.

• Full support for Marxist-led BLM Foundation (not the slogan) to dismantle America’s “systemic racism,” nuclear family and police funding.

• “Open borders,” absolute amnesty, no deportations or border security wall, full entitlements (including comprehensive medical care) for all undocumented illegals and families.

• Legalization and availability of recreational marijuana nationwide and release from jail/prisons of all “non-violent” drug offenders.

• Comprehensive gun control by Second Amendment legislative change.

• Aggressive opposition to school choice and charter schools nationwide.

• Comprehensive review and reversal of Trump administration policies contrary to those of the Obama administration, especially those dealing with foreign policy, abortion, sex trafficking, homeschooling, pornography and climate change.

• Grant statehood to Puerto Rico and possibly D.C. to add 4 additional Democratic senators ensuring “one party rule” (such as in California, New York and Illinois) for America.

• Initiate proposal for constitutional amendment to end the Electoral College and facilitate “one party rule” controlled by dominant Democratic population centers.

• Establishment of LGBTQ and Common Core curriculum in all schools and placement in all suburbs of subsidized low-income housing (check it out!).

Here’s the deal: We love America. Our founders declared us a “city on a hill” intended to bring glory to God and Christianity to the world. You have just received a dire warning that we are on the precipice of America’s demise unless we heed it.

Amidst all the unprecedented shaking of this year, God has brought us to our day of decision. It’s time to repent, return to God, revere Him and His Word, reclaim our Christian heritage and resist this radical, anti-God, socialist revolution.

There is hope for us if we heed this warning! Let’s continue to make America great again as we honor our great God in America again!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.” – President Ronald Reagan

It’s not too late! Post and pass this to everyone you possibly can.

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

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