The beatings will continue until morale improves

By Patrice Lewis

Besides the election, the biggest news this week appears to be the growing number of (mostly) liberal politicians and bureaucrats who are issuing ridiculous rules for holiday gatherings. California was the first to issue these draconian guidelines for holiday get-togethers, and numerous states have followed. A few examples:

You have to read these guidelines to believe them, otherwise you’ll accuse me of making them up. They’re ridiculously detailed. C’mon – does anyone think these rules are enforceable? Who’s going to monitor whether household bathrooms are “sanitized” after every use, or report whether someone is playing a trumpet?

But of course, the rules are for thee, not for me. Under the guise of their phony sanctimony, the tyrants imposing these restrictions have no problems breaking them:

To find out what politicians believe, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. It’s clear politicians don’t believe their own fear porn.

What these politicians and bureaucrats are saying is this: In the interests of national health (and bureaucratic power), the holidays must be canceled. I question the timing of these new lockdowns. How convenient that the “second wave” of the coronavirus should hit just in time for the holidays, when it would have the most devastating psychological impact. “The more people suffer, the more a politician must get credit for doing everything to fight the virus,” observes journalist Daniel Greenfield.

Family gatherings are too dangerous, but riots are just fine? It’s almost like they’re trying to force us not to celebrate faith and gratitude. Go figure.

In fact, liberals have a long and honorable history of hating the holidays, and COVID gives those in power the perfect opportunity to make sure no one has a good time, much less takes the opportunity to thank God for His bounty. Thanksgiving is even now being called Turkey Day, lest anyone get the holiday mixed up with gratitude.

A press release a few years ago from the Denver Bible Church listed 10 quasi-tongue-in-cheek reasons why liberals hate the holidays. In descending order:

10. Thanksgiving is mass murder for turkeys.
9. Too many SUVs traveling to grandma’s house.
8. College bowl games encourage competition.
7. Millions of Christmas trees are cut down.
6. The Pilgrims were thanking God, not the Indians.
5. Christmas lights waste electricity.
4. The letters C-h-r-i-s-t are still seen in public.
3. Winter lull in global-warming hype.
2. Day care centers are closed.
1. Christmas celebrates a birth, not an abortion.

“And finally,” concludes the press release, “in their long war against God, liberals suggest that the only good Christian is a bad Christian, that is, one who rejects the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ.”

“Leftists always deny there is a war on Christmas and mock those who claim there is,” wrote Dennis Prager. “There is a mind-blowing chutzpah or lack of self-awareness when people do something and yet deny that they are actually doing it. But the evidence is overwhelming. … Suffice it to say that it takes a breathtaking level of narcissism for a non-Christian to be offended by mentions of Christmas and a breathtaking level of meanness to seek to deprive the vast majority of fellow Americans of the public mention of their holiday.”

Why the insistence on lockdowns right now? In the case of California, William Sullivan in the American Thinker offers some speculation: “Newsom’s latest effort to visit misery upon the people of his state is not about public safety. And while it is about power and control at some level, I suspect there’s something else involved here, and that’s boatloads and boatloads of taxpayer money. If the lockdowns can be framed as necessary for public health, and the financial strife and misery can be extended for long enough, then Newsom’s having crippled his own state’s economy and oppressing its citizens might pay dividends when he and a coalition of similar blue states later go to Washington, hat in hand, to lobby an incoming Biden administration and Congress for that trillion-dollar bailout he asked for over the summer – which might go a long way toward financing California’s bloated pensions and otherwise compensating for its fiscally reckless governance over these past few decades.”

Get it? Newsom wins, you lose. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Fortunately people are planning massive civil disobedience. Many law enforcement agencies have indicated they have no interest in enforcing these regulations.

The incomparable Candace Owens tweeted, “At this moment, our governments are telling us when to open our businesses, when to see our family, and when and how we are allowed to BREATHE. This is NOT America. This is not FREEDOM. This is NOT about safety or a virus. This is about implementing SOCIALISM. Wake up.”

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

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