Black Nationalist Instagram page actually owned by white British female

By Around the Web

(NATIONAL FILE) – A popular black separatist Instagram page called “Independent Black Businesses” became embroiled in controversy this week after black followers learned that the account – which has routinely solicited PayPal and Patreon donations – is actually not managed by a black person, but a middle-aged white female from Brighton and Hove, U.K.

“Independent Black Businesses” was created this year and routinely posts photos of “black-owned businesses” accompanied by emojis and phraseology associated with black media activists, while soliciting PayPal and Patreon donations from followers.

“Welcome to @independentblackbusinesses . A platform to share, promote, celebrate and support Independent Black Businesses with a mission to dismantle Systemic Racism. If you are white, please shop mindfully and support Independent Black Business Owners,” the page’s first post reads.

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