The civil war has already begun

By Erik Rush

With both encouraging and heartily discouraging information relating to the outcome of the Nov. 3 general election being disseminated on an hourly basis, many Americans remain hopeful that President Donald Trump will be able to establish that there was sufficient voter fraud and/or tampering to sway the election in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket, thus retaining his office.

With dwindling support for Trump amongst GOP lawmakers and politicos (if it ever truly existed), the tacit acceptance of tainted election results on the part of elected officials, the establishment press and news outlets that once at least attempted to appear objective and the entreaties of citizens who believe that any decisive result will represent the return to a semblance of normalcy, it becomes more probable that the president will be forced to concede the election with each passing day.

The contention over the results of this election may appear similar to that surrounding the 2000 general election, but the circumstances are of course quite different. When the George W. Bush and Al Gore campaigns fought it out in court over hanging chads in the election’s wake, it had not yet been made apparent that the Democratic Party represented wholesale radical leftism, with the Democratic national leadership and state governors willing to countenance treason, mayhem and murder in order to secure their political objectives.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, it has become quite apparent that this is the case.

Barring a clear indication that he lost the election fairly, I am comfortable saying that I would support any effort President Trump implemented to retain his office – and I mean any effort.

For those who have a handle on what has really transpired with regard to the Democrats’ criminality and election tampering, obviously, turning the country over to this cabal is a completely unacceptable proposition. However, should Trump concede, all bets are off, and the question of where to go from here will remain.

Should the president manage to retain his office, it is a foregone conclusion that the operatives mobilized to foment civil unrest earlier this year on the pretext of highlighting racial injustice will return to the streets with a vengeance, and in far greater numbers and levels of violence. Such a development would necessitate the president using unprecedented measures to restore the peace, some of which would certainly be characterized as overreach, or even tyrannical.

The real downside to a Trump win – aside from the possibility of civil unrest described above – is that between the chaos attendant to widespread civil unrest and the complicity of radical Democrat officeholders in states that heretofore enabled the violent demonstrations, circumstances might escalate into a full-blown civil war.

Should Joe Biden ultimately ascend to the presidency, however, we can make one of two assumptions:

1. We’ve lost, and the United States of America as we understand it is no more.

2. We will manage to overcome socialist ascendancy via means yet to be determined.

Obviously, we could not look to electoral means to secure political gains. In such a scenario, it will have been established that the left has compromised our electoral system to the degree that establishment candidates – far left Democrats and faux-conservative RINOs – will win in perpetuity.

In other words: How do you win a rigged game?

Answer: You can’t.

Since only around 5% of our population is truly committed to the nightmare vision socialists have in store for us, some form of pushback will be guaranteed. While the nation may not devolve into a civil war footing on the day Biden is sworn in, it could very well erupt sometime thereafter.

Liberty is one of the things that gives value to human survival on a day-to-day basis. Being learned individuals and astute students of the human condition, the founders of our nation knew this. We can also see that in nations wherein citizens have no liberty, individuals languish spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These nations tend to implode in time, but that is generally of little concern to the tyrants who govern them, as they seldom see further than the end of their time on the planet.

Should Biden secure the presidency, it is almost certain that Americans will see their liberties evaporate very quickly in the coming years. Taking into account the resulting outrage over these developments, it is likely that heretofore law-abiding citizens will gravitate toward citizen militias and even nationalist organizations that may employ terrorist tactics. Once again, such a progression could escalate into civil war.

We are most certainly already at war, although few have acknowledged this fact. I’ve taken some heat for comparing the first few salvos we’ve seen to actual military engagements and the horror that goes with them, but those criticizing this appraisal fail to recognize something students of military history know well: The way in which warfare is conducted changes over time, and we’ve seen ample evidence of this over the last few hundred years. In terms of this war, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria has already been assassinated, and Hitler has already rolled into the Sudetenland.

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