Get ready for revolution!

By Larry Klayman

Do not be fooled by the gyrations of Fox News or other “mainstream” so-called conservative media, which are, as usual, holding out false hope that the legal system will right the wrongs that occurred Nov. 3, 2020, with regard to the corrupt voting system – a system that is about to “elect” the brain-dead Joe Biden and the evil witch Kamala Harris as president and vice president of the United States. True to form, these media outlets – Fox is really no longer conservative, as can be seen from its calculated, reckless early call of Arizona for Biden – continue to lure viewers to tune in to boost ratings, advertising dollars and thus jingle the change for their owners by not admitting the reality that the corrupt political and legal system will succeed at greasing the presidency for Biden.

As I write in my new book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” compromised federal judges and the justices of the Supreme Court in particular, unelected despots in the words of Thomas Jefferson, will circle the wagons for the establishment and not want to risk sticking their necks out to decide who will be the next president and vice president. I urge you to get a copy since this work – unlike other books published before the election – is not ephemeral, but relevant far past this week’s events.

In short, do not count on the courts to bail out President Trump and Vice President Pence for the benefit of we conservatives, people of faith and others who believe in the conception and creation of our Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776. It ain’t going to happen – period!

While professionally and personally, I make it a point to never give up and to always fight on, We the People must now move forward with the second American revolution predicted by Jefferson, again, as I detail in “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” In short order after Jan. 20, 2021, President Biden, assuming he lives that long given his obvious neurological and other serious health problems, will, along with Harris, quickly repudiate the executive orders and policies of the Trump administration. Assuming that establishment Republican hacks retain control of the Senate – which also remains in some doubt – which at least will put a temporary break on leftist legislation coming out of Pelosi’s House of Representatives, the most severe immediate changes will occur in foreign affairs and immigration policy.

In the foreign realm, Biden and Harris will again cozy up to the Islamic Republic of Iran, reaffirming the dangerous agreement over nuclear weapons of the Obama-Biden years. And, the emerging rapprochement with North Korea will probably be killed, if for no other reason than a repeat of the intentional neglect of the Obama years. Communist China and Russia will also be coddled, as payback for the millions if not billions the Chicoms and Russian oligarchs laundered to the new president’s family in the Hunter Biden caper. Let’s also not forget Israel, where the U.S. Embassy will most likely be yanked out of Jerusalem and put back in Tel Aviv, not to mention the repudiation of the Trump administration’s support and acceptance for Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. Given the not too latent anti-Semitism rampant in the Democratic Party, Palestinian interests will be elevated over the interests of the Jewish state, as occurred during the reign of the former “Muslim-in-Chief “Barack Hussein Obama.

As for immigration policy, expect the floodgates to open again for illegal immigrants to pour into our country, including those from terrorist nations in the Middle East. The wall President Trump began to build, however limited in scope, will be dismantled with no real replacement.

But the biggest threat to our nation will come from an out-of-control tyrannical misuse of the executive branch “deep state,” which I also write about in my book. In what will amount to a purge, an inquisition of conservative activists and others who dare to oppose the leftist onslaught under a Biden-Harris administration, the intelligence agencies, composed of the NSA, CIA and FBI, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security and a host of other departments and agencies will be tasked to seek out, entrap and destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of a permanent leftist takeover of the nation. To put it bluntly, there will be in effect blood-letting of conservatives, libertarians, people of faith and others who stand in the way of a total leftist stranglehold, seeking to assure that we will never rise again!

So, do not for one moment believe the wishful thinking being spewed forth that a so-called Republican-controlled Senate, if indeed that comes to pass, will save us from the gallows of the left.

Then there will also be the radical leftist hordes, as Trump aptly put it, the “animals,” which will be given free reign to pillage, plunder, loot, burn, maim and kill in our major cities and your hometown. Our law enforcement, which has had its hands tied behind its back by Democratic governors and mayors, will now be restricted from defending all of us at the federal level as well, as if things were not already bad enough under Attorney General “Blowhard” Bill Barr.

And, now that Biden and Harris will be in charge, speaking of our so-called Justice Department, the phony investigations of those who instigated and perpetrated the Russian collusion witch hunt, felons such as Comey, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennan and the criminal gang at large including the Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons, will be terminated – not that anything was going to happen about enforcing the rule of law anyway under Blowhard Bill. It’s just that now there will no longer be even a façade of eventual justice. Too bad for those prime-time hosts on Fox News who lure viewers to tune in each night with false hope. They will have to come up with other phony “shtick.”

Get ready, fellow fearless patriots – those true citizens of the republic comprised of those willing to put it all on the line to preserve our freedoms and liberties – and join me in waging the second American revolution! Before signing up at and, and enlisting in our Justice League, first reread our Declaration of Independence, and then read “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” Finally, prime yourselves for the war ahead. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

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