How Joe Biden ‘won’ the election

By Jack Cashill

In the wake of Joe Biden’s alleged victory in the 2020 election, the pundit class has already produced scores of articles headlined something along the lines of “How Joe Biden Won the Election.”

What the authors of these articles have in common is that none of them has a clue or, if they do, they know better than to say what they know out loud. Regardless of the final outcome, Biden will have gotten 10 million more popular votes than Hillary did in 2016 or Obama did in 2012.

Biden needed every one of those votes, real or manufactured, because President Trump got nearly 9 million more votes than he did in 2016, and Trump’s increase was grown organically.

In 2016, many people voted for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. After four years of observing his performance, they voted for Trump because he was Trump. Yet in a match-up between the Republicans’ best candidate since Reagan and the Democrats’ worst candidate since forever, Biden got more popular votes and the illusion, at least, of more electoral votes.

Yes, the COVID-driven mechanics swelled the Democrats’ wholesale vote gathering, but what drove the Biden vote were two phenomena – hatred and ignorance. Nothing else explains how a senile old pedophile who could not attract a thousand people to a rally could inspire 76 million people to vote for him.

The media and Big Tech deserve all credit here. For the past five years, they have done their relentless best to imagine Donald Trump as an “existential threat” to the American way of life. As empty as that cliché is, googling “Donald Trump” and “existential threat” nets more than 1.7 million hits.

The aptly named Charles Blow of the New York Times set the tone in an editorial a week before the 2016 election titled, unimaginatively, “Donald Trump is an Existential Threat.”

More specifically, said Blow, Donald Trump was a “bigot,” a “demagogue,” a “sexist,” a “misogynist,” a “chauvinist pig,” a “bully,” a “cheat,” a “pathological liar” and a “nativist.” For the next four years, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary, the media kept this hateful nonsense up. So did Biden and other Democrats.

Street-level truths thwarted the media narrative. In 2020, Trump doubled Mitt Romney’s vote total among African Americans and did better among Hispanics than any Republican in memory. Readers of the Times would have no way of knowing why. The Times and their feeder media did a brilliant job keeping their audiences ignorant.

Instead of reporting Trump’s actual accomplishments, the media filled the empty heads of their audience members with any number of conspiracy theories that the National Enquirer would have passed on. And even after the Russia hoax blew up in their faces, the media gave themselves Pulitzers and adapted that story line to new circumstances.

Space prevents me from listing Trump’s accomplishments or the media’s many acts of malpractice, but this audience already knows them. We know them thanks to what I call in my new book, “Unmasking Obama,” the “samizdat” of which WND is a part.

In the old Soviet Union, the samizdat was the name given to a loose network of dissident media outlets that circumvented Soviet authorities and sabotaged Soviet lies.

For the four years of the Trump administration, the American samizdat of blogs, judicial watchdogs, online publications, talk radio and independent citizen journalists subverted the major media narrative with hard evidence.

We knew what Trump had done well. It was for this reason that while Biden struggled to get 100 people at a rally, thousands were flocking to Trump rallies and staging spontaneous mobile rallies of their own.

Reality also worked on Trump’s behalf. Even as the COVID stupid season lingered on, the majority of Americans were reporting that they were better off economically than they had been a year earlier.

Plus, we knew something that major media audiences did not. Biden was a serial groper of little girls and a credibly accused sexual predator. We also knew that Biden’s mental faculties were fading fast. The major media and the increasingly oppressive Big Tech shielded their audiences from the obvious.

Finally, in the closing weeks of the campaign, the major media-Big Tech combo spectacularly disgraced itself by ruthlessly suppressing the stories emanating from Hunter Biden’s laptop. In a gesture that bordered on parody, they tried to pin the laptop story on – who else? – the Russians.

Driven by the fear and hatred the media generated, 70 million Democrats would have voted for an Anthony Weiner-Casey Anthony ticket had they been running against Trump.

Blissfully preserved by the same media in their ignorance, the remaining few million went to the polls not even knowing just how corrupt and perverted was the man they hoped to elect president.

Had the media shared the truth about Trump and Biden, the election would not have been close enough to steal. “Analysts” who explain the outcome in any other way are lying to themselves.

Jack Cashill’s new book, “Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency,” is widely available. See also

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