Keith Olbermann: Turn Trump hotels into prisons for ‘enablers’

By WND Staff

Keith Olbermann

Warning: Embedded videos include profane language:

Already known as a poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, former ESPN and MSNBC host Keith Olberman continues to outdo himself, calling for criminalizing policy differences and turning “Trump buildings” into prisons for members of the president’s administration.

Olberman said he wants “as many members as possible of this corrupt, immoral, anti-democratic outgoing administration indicted, arrested, tried and imprisoned.”

“We want enough of them in there they could hold reunions and birthday parties. We want the prison so filled with Trumps and Trump flunkies and Trump apologists and Trump enablers, that we have to convert Trump buildings into new [bleep] Trump prisons,” he said Tuesday in his ongoing video series posted on Twitter called “Olbermann vs. Trump.”

Last week, he accused Trump supporters of committing “treason against humanity,” asserting they should be imprisoned.

Offensive language warning:

On Tuesday, Olbermann insisted that in Trump’s case, criminalizing policy differences is legitimate.

“When the policy differences are between maintaining American democracy and substituting racist one-party rule, you’re [bleep] right that we want to criminalize policy differences that might exist between the outgoing administration and the administration that is about to take over,” he said.

“We not only want that when it comes to an outgoing administration which is criminally guilty of trying to privatize the government, which is criminally negligent in the deaths of 250,000 Americans so far and which is criminally liable for the current attempted coup, we also want as many members as possible of this corrupt immoral anti-democratic outgoing administration indicted, arrested, tried and imprisoned,” said Olbermann.

He wants Trump, Attorney General William Barr, Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and others to be “prosecuted.”

He even wants the “clerks who caged the kids” as part of the nation’s response to a surge of illegal aliens to be imprisoned. He didn’t mention that that the policy was created by President Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

He counts himself among those “who have fought and strived” to protect the nation, calling others “scumbags.”

He lashed out at the U.S. Supreme Court as “Bible-thumping political toadies.”

Anyone who supports Trump, he said, “must face going to prison,” and they must live in “abject fear of prison.”

He wants “400 special prosecutors” to go after anyone who may have supported President Trump.

His full rant is here (Warning: offensive language):

Last week, Olbermann tore into anyone responsible for electing Trump and keeping him in office.

“History will also ask what was in the hearts of the men and women who continued to support this creature Trump after his defeat, after his repudiation, after the national wildfire that was COVID-19 accelerated into this hellscape of conflagration in the days after the 2020 election,” Olbermann said. “Who let Trump stay manifestly insane as he is in office? Who refused to risk anything? Who refused to risk even a momentary loss of power to instead be certain death ruled this nation.

“Who were these people? Did you put them on trial? Did any of them go to prison? What did you do to Trump after it was clear he knew what was ahead and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied? What did you do to ensure that no kind of leader could commit this treason again? And not against the country, treason against humanity.”

Shortly after the election, he said it’s “necessary to remove, and arrest, the president of the United States,” immediately.


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