Open letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

By Michael Master

Dear Supreme Court Justices: America is struggling for survival. The war between liberals and conservatives surrounding this 2020 election is ample proof that we live in a deeply divided nation.

For the last four years, liberals, including the media cartel, used “obstruct,” “resist,” “impeach,” the Mueller investigation, riots in cities controlled by Democrats and COVID, COVID, COVID to wage war on Trump and conservatives. So how can anyone expect conservatives to blindly accept the outcome of this election?

You, as the highest court of the land, are under great pressure to save our country, our constitution, our trust in our election process. Amid the censorship by mainstream and social media, we the people get information from other sources that tell us not to trust our government any longer.

We know that our country is controlled by rich oligarchs and the deep state. We know that the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency have been compromised to do things that are illegal, including fixing elections in foreign countries, spying on the Trump campaign and threatening government officials like you. And we known that the media only gives us propaganda that is approved by those rich oligarchs.

Are the claims of election fraud in the 2020 election baseless? According to a recent poll, 97% of those who voted for Trump believe that this election is so tainted that Biden was not the winner. Ninety-seven percent. That is a huge division in America. Do Americans trust the rulings by lower courts? No. So many lower court rulings have been overturned that Americans lost faith in the lower courts for Americans to just accept what those lower courts state about this election.

The claims of election fraud make sense. Five battleground states controlled by Democratic governors in three different time zones all stopped counting votes in the middle of election night simultaneously when Trump was well ahead in all of them. America watched Biden jump ahead in each as vote counting resumed three hours later with unbelievable vote dumps and vote switching. That is why the accusations started. They range from machine-software tampering to election worker malfeasance to ballot harvesting. The amount of evidence, even if circumstantial, is overwhelming to almost half of America.

As the cases go to the Supreme Court, pressure will come from your liberal colleagues and others outside of the court to side with the deep state as Chief Justice John Roberts did concerning Obamacare. They will argue that it is for the general welfare of the nation to accept this outcome just as Roberts agreed with Sotomayer, Kagan and Breyer that COVID shut-downs of churches were for the general welfare of the nation even though the shut-downs infringed on religious freedom in the First Amendment.

If you all punt on not stopping certification of this election until very important questions are answered, then the destruction of trust in the election process will do more harm to the general welfare of the United States than COVID could ever do. If you allow the liberals to use the threat of more riots to stop you from doing what is right according to our Constitution, then you are no better than those who committed the election fraud. If you let personal threats against you and your families interfere with this, then you should never have taken the job. We Americans put our trust in you to defend our constitutional rights, not to bend to pressure, threats or mob demands.

So what needs to be done? You need to take all the election fraud cases en masse and examine them, just as many Americans have. Is there enough smoke? Enough fire to stop the certification process? If yes, then you need to issue these instructions to Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania:

1. All the ballots in each of those states shall be recounted by hand and tallied by hand by Jan. 6, 2021. and certified by Jan. 8, 2021. No machines or software are to be used to count, review, tally or calculate in any way or of any kind.

2. Election officials from both parties have the right to review every transaction concerning every ballot first hand. Any ballots that do not meet the requirements of the state shall be rejected from the vote counts.

3. Any ballots received by any state that were not received on time or that had their time stamps changed or do not have adequate documentation of when they were received shall be rejected as invalid.

4. Any changes to election processes that were made without proper state legislation shall be rejected along with the ballots that were submitted in with those processes.

5. When the number of ballots of any precinct is more than the number of registered voters, then all the ballots of that precinct shall be removed from the vote count as being from a disqualified, contaminated precinct.

6. All certifications must be reported to the federal government by Jan. 10, 2021, for a tally of electoral votes and determination of president and vice president on Jan, 12, 2021.

7. Any state that is not in compliance by any of the deadlines will be barred from submitting its Electoral College votes for this election.

8. If neither candidate can get to 270 electoral college votes as a result of the recounts, then the procedure outlined in the Constitution shall be used in selecting a president and vice president when no candidate reaches more 50% of the electoral college votes.

9. Any non-compliance shall be prosecuted as contempt of court and obstruction of justice.

Justices, if you do this and the outcome stays the same, many more Americans will accept the election results with faith in you as our last defense of our constitutional rights. If you do not, then what happens to the United States rests on your shoulders.

And last, please ask the U.S. attorney general to immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all the alleged election fraud with the same powers that special counsel Robert Mueller had for his investigation.

In God we trust. May God guide you to do what is right. And God bless America.


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