If Trump has evidence of mass voter fraud, he himself must act

By Larry Klayman

If President Donald J. Trump has bona fide, hard evidence of mass voter fraud that cooked the presidential election results, he has the sole power at this fragile and crucial time in the nation’s history to do something about it. To be blunt and to the point, The Donald, using his presidential powers and authority, could declare martial law or its equivalent, that is, freeze things until all facts are known and made public by laying out the evidence to We the People – though not with court jesters like Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, who have undercut not just their own credibility but also Trump’s, with their ill-advised antics. In the case of Giuliani, he is clearly “over the hill” and has had one too many martinis, and Ellis is not ready for prime time. Getting on Fox News and pontificating is not a qualification for a lawyer zealously representing one’s client, the president of the United States!

What counts now is the court of public opinion, as there surely will be no justice coming from our bad joke of a legal system. As I chronicle in my latest book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” which I will abbreviate as “Revolution,” the present-day courts, both federal and state, have been compromised and are effectively corrupt. This is particularly true of the federal courts, which Thomas Jefferson predicted would come to be presided over by unelected and unaccountable despots and tyrants, such that the American people would have to, about every 20 years or so, clean house, that is, wage another revolution and spill the blood of patriots.

Of course, our greatest, most learned, most insightful and most revolutionary of our Founding Fathers did not want to see blood spilled, and neither does one of his disciples, meaning yours truly. But if We the People do not now rise up, as I outline in “Revolution,” then this will surely be our sad and bloody destiny. It is not an accident of history that Jefferson was in on the ground floor of the bloody and brutal French Revolution, of which he was also an architect.

And, if and when the radical left takes total control of a new Biden-Harris administration, there will be a purge, an inquisition the likes of which have not been experienced since the aftermath of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. In our case, the left will empower not just its Justice Department and its Federal Bureau of Investigation, but also the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Deep State in other executive branch departments and agencies, to eradicate all those who oppose them by so-called government action and any other convenient felonious means. We conservatives, people of faith and all of us who believe and advocate for the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers, like Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, will be crushed.

The goal of the left is clearly and most assuredly to rid the nation of any vestige of resistance and to consolidate total government power such that We the People cannot rise up and defeat them either at the ballot box or through avenues of last resort. Leftist government will be substituted for our Judeo-Christian God, and we will be forced to worship at the altar of their tyranny and despotism.

Just think about the reality that the republic is now facing. Radical Muslims, self-hating Marxian radicals on the Jewish left, radical atheists, radical blacks, radical feminists, radical LGBTQs and radicals from all walks of our immoral, brainwashed and corrupted society, will be in control of not just the country, but, as a practical matter, the entire Western world. The prophesies of not just Jefferson, but of the likes of Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged” and George Orwell’s “1984” will become reality.

So let me get to the point (and in addition to this column, please carefully listen to my embedded podcast and radio show of today, below). If We the People are to be spared a Biden-Harris presidency and vice-presidency, opening the door to a radical leftist takeover in a Soviet-style godless state, President Trump, if and only if he has the hard evidence of mass voter fraud, must come clean with it and act immediately and strongly. And, if he does not and goes with the advice to simply leave office with “dignity” – advice of Republican RINOS and other cowards in the virtually bankrupt Republican Party – then with urgency and immediate reaction time, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!”

My message just one day after Thanksgiving 2020 may not be pleasant or what you want to hear this holiday season. But I believe in my heart that it is truthful! Read my book and my lips, get up off the couch, turn off the greedy purveyors of smoke and mirrors and deception in the media, and lets all pray and get to work. And, remember that God and His Only Son help those of us who help ourselves.

Go to Amazon.com and order my book “Revolution.” Judge for yourself if I am right.

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